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5 Ways To Dress Up Your Water and Stay Hydrated This Summer

Infused Ice Cubes Recipe

It’s time to stay hydrated, my friends. I don’t really get tired of drinking water anymore…. like… ever, but it’s soooo nice to switch things up a little, once in a while! If I don’t have enough time to make fresh juice (which I love making, but… sometimes I don’t feel like spending 30 minutes, assembling the juicer and using up a ton of oranges for a glass of juice.. not to mention the cleanup- fresh juice is more of…

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Hydration boost: watermelon-lime-coconut refresher

Watermelon Lime Coconut Refresher

Every single year, right around this time, people start saying this one thing that drives me insane: “oh.. you know, so… Summer’s coming to end.” I simply refuse to acknowledge that we’re almost midway through August. This is why today I’m sharing a super simple, delicious and very summery recipe for a Watermelon-Lime-Coconut Refresher. The temperatures are still high, but it’s not like you need an excuse to enjoy this coconut water-based drink that’s great for your skin, facilitates digestion…

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