Hot Carob (guilt-free alternative to hot chocolate!)



Love the taste of hot chocolate, but hate the calories and all that sugar? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Carob powder is a natural, caffeine-free chocolate substitute that’s naturally low in fat but high in calcium, iron, B vitamins and fiber. It’s made from the long bean-like pods of the carob tree and can be used as a replacement for cacao or cocoa in cooking, baking and smoothies. It has a naturally sweet and very rich, creamy taste without the stimulants often found in chocolate.

This hot carob recipe is super quick and easy, but the end result is so satisfying! Whenever those cold-weather chocolate cravings hit me, I make myself a cup of hot, delicious carob. When I tried this for the first time, I couldn’t believe that it didn’t have any animal milk or chocolate in it. It’s definitely a great alternative for those who, similar to me, are very sensitive to dairy. It was so creamy and tasted JUST like hot chocolate, if not better. Perfect guilt-free treat for those cold winter nights.


Hot Carob

2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (you can also use soy milk, I personally don’t get along with it)
2 TBS of carob powder
1TBS of good maple syrup (or honey)
vanilla extract

Heat the milk in a small saucepan, be careful not to boil it. Add the carob powder and start whisking to remove any clumps. Remove from heat, add the maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract (this makes 2 servings, for 1 serving, simply half the ingredients).


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