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13 Self-Care Ideas for Fall

Fall Self-Care Ideas

Fall is here, and I know what you’re thinking: how is another year already coming to an end? The weather will be less than perfect, the days are getting shorter, and we tend to get a little… lazy and sometimes even sad. You kind of can’t help but think of the time passing by, as you watch the leaves change their colors and nature preparing itself for its winter sleep and spring rebirth. In my experience, people either love this…

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Beauty Lifestyle

Lovin’ Lately

The first thing on this list should probably be my portable heater. I wish I could carry it with me everywhere I went, since I’m always, ALWAYS cold. My heated blanket should also make the list since we’re pretty much inseparable. If you ever suffer from neck and/or back pain, you totally need one. Loving: Yuzu Body Butter, Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet it Oxblood, Pillow Talk lippie, and Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation.  Regular readers will know that I have a low-key…

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How to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine for Autumn

Your skin is always exposed to the environment. Once the seasons change- when the weather becomes cooler, the air becomes drier- your skin’s needs change, too. One of the things that I pay attention to when seasons change, is to notice if, and how, my skin changes. Does it feel dry? Is it starting to flake? Does it feel more sensitive? Red? Once you notice how (and if) your skin changes, you can adjust its needs accordingly. I’ve been off Accutane…

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Autumn Pamper for Cold, Gloomy Nights (and Days)


Cold, rainy, windy weather. It’s finally here! Yes, I’ve also grown a bit tired of the unusually warm weather we’ve been experiencing. There is something SO cozy about that rainy, sweater weather, but it can sometimes affect our mood too. I don’t always know how to deal with the gloominess outside. There are days when it makes me feel all happy, comfy and cushy, and there are days when it just makes me feel a bit… sad. Having one, extra-long…

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