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50 Small Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Day (+ free printable)

50 Small Ways To Challenge Yourself #selfgrowth #selfimprovement

The secret to your success, any success, lies in your habits, routines and the things you do every single day. It doesn’t matter what you’re after in life, or what your definition of success is- it never happens overnight. Every change always begins with a single step. You don’t always have to know what that second or third step should be, either. That first step is what will help you get started. Challenging yourself is one of the most important…

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Girl talk

How to worry less


I’ve been a worrier for the most part of my life. I remember being about 7 years old, sitting in the playroom of my aunt’s house with my 3-year old sister- my older cousin was babysitting us. All of the sudden, my sister picked up something that looked like an unwrapped piece of candy and showed it to my cousin who said something to the effect of “it’s candy, bro, you can eat it” and as she put the piece…

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