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How to Practice Mindfulness When Life Gets Hectic

How to Practice Mindfulness When Life Gets Hectic + Busy

Mindfulness is a lot more than just a habit. It’s more of a lifestyle change, a way of living, seeing and doing things. And, just like a lot of lifestyle changes, it takes time and effort to introduce it into your life. It requires effort not because it’s a particularly difficult thing to practice, but it can be a little uncomfortable at times. Most of us lead very busy, sort of “loud” lives where there’s a lot of distraction, plans…

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10 Things to Focus On When You’re Feeling Stuck

10 Things to do When You're Feeling Stuck

Ever have those days when nothing major happens, it’s just an ordinary day, but all of a sudden you start feeling uninspired and find yourself feeling stuck? I love it when there’s a lot of excitement in my life. I love it when there’s a lot happening, I love having fun and good things to look forward to. Sometimes, however, things can get a little quiet. A little calm, normal… ordinary.  Other times, you find yourself dealing with a difficult…

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The Beauty of Letting Go: 4 Things That are Holding You Back in Life

Things that are holding you back in life

“No one is coming to save you.” I remember a friend saying this to me many years ago. The particulars of that conversation are foggy, but I can tell you that while at first hearing that felt a bit like a slap in the face, those words would later end up changing my life. The unfortunate thing about these life lessons though, is that sometimes we forget all about them. Every once in a while I will find myself falling…

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The Roundup: 2018

The Roundup 2018 Thirteen Thoughts

2018 was a year of change. It was another year where I didn’t get to do or try too many things that I had hoped to do and try. Even though it wasn’t for a lack of effort, it still felt like a bit of a failure on my part. It wasn’t until towards the end of this year, that I realized that sometimes you can’t help but slow down and play the cards you’re dealt. For me, it was…

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How to rock your goals in 2019

How to Rock Your Goals in 2019

How to Rock Your Goals in 2019 I can’t stand the word “resolutions.” When I hear “resolutions,” I think immediate failure and discouragement. I think of that one year when I promised myself I’d learn to play guitar, go for a run every single day for the entire year, or stay away from red wine for at least six months. Yeah, that last one was never going to happen. So yes, there is something (…rather obvious) about the New Year…

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