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Veggie pasta

Pasta is most definitely one of my go-to dinner foods. Usually it only takes minutes to prepare and goes great with everything, especially vegetables. This colorful veggie pasta is great to enjoy during summer time and with ingredients like diced canned tomatoes, red bell pepper, spinach (which can always be found in my fridge or pantry) it’s very easy to make.…

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Easy & healthy vegetarian pasta

Another one of my favorite week-night dinners that is super easy, quick and healthy! Ingredients: One pack of mushrooms, sliced (I used button mushroom) One can of black beans (I also like to use red kidney beans) Half of red onion, sliced Whole wheat pasta (I also like to use couscous as well) One can of diced tomatoes First thing to do is to heat up a frying pan with few tablespoons of olive oil. While the oil is heating…

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