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Easy & healthy vegetarian pasta

vegetarian dish2Another one of my favorite week-night dinners that is super easy, quick and healthy!


One pack of mushrooms, sliced (I used button mushroom)

One can of black beans (I also like to use red kidney beans)

Half of red onion, sliced

Whole wheat pasta (I also like to use couscous as well)

One can of diced tomatoes

ingredients for vegetarian pasta

First thing to do is to heat up a frying pan with few tablespoons of olive oil. While the oil is heating up, I get the pasta ready, following packaging instructions and adding a bit of sea salt to the water.

fryin panOnce the oil has heated a little I throw the mushrooms and onions together, mixing from time to time and keep on medium heat until the mushrooms are cooked.

pan1 vegies friedOnce the mushrooms and onion are ready, I add the entire can of tomatoes and beans, and once again mix them and keep on medium heat for about five to seven minutes.

pan2 mixed veggies readyI also add some spices, some sea salt, white pepper, lemon and garlic are some of my favorite. I cannot live without tabasco and chili sauce, so I add about a teaspoon of each to the beans (skip both if you’re not a fan of spicy food- I am ;) ).


Once the pasta is ready, I put some in a deep dish and spoon the beans and tomatoes on top. To save some time, instead of preparing a salad I just slice a half of avocado and a whole tomato, sprinkled with some white pepper, as a side dish.  To add a touch of fanciness I finish with putting a  little bit of chopped walnuts on top, and that’s it!

vegetarian dish easy

Paula xxx

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