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how to have a relaxing day at home

Ever feel like there aren’t’ enough hours in the day? I have been so, so very busy-not to mention stressed- for the last couple of weeks. Work has been crazy, I’ve been trying to blog more often, I’m changing few things around the house, trying to plan out our summer…. I always liked those moments when there’s a lot going on in life (good things, for the most part-thankfully), but lately I have been feeling so exhausted.

Making some time just for myself, turning off my phone, computer and TV is something that I definitely don’t do enough of. Today I decided to take a day off from work, I slapped on some good moisturizing mask on my face, then I read, ate some good food, drank tons of water with lemon and then read some more.

avocado and tomato sandwhich

One of the things that, unfortunately, goes south whenever I get busy is my diet. I often simply don’t have time to, or forget to eat-that’s probably one of the worst things that you can do in terms of diet. Today I treated myself to a warm toast with avocado, tomato, sea-salt and pepper <3.

Green juice

For the last couple of weeks (maybe even months) our juicer has been sitting in the kitchen, collecting dust. It’s such a shame because fresh juices are so delicious and incredibly healthy. Today I woke up and decided that it’s time to start juicing again! For lunch I made myself a combo of apples, Asian pear, a bunch of kale, spinach and lemon. Don’t let the deep, dark, green color intimidate you. This was the bomb! There’s something really great about eating raw fruit and veggies, it just makes you feel so energized and happy!

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self care

Whenever there’s a word “relax” involved, candles are mandatory.

The glass kitchen

It’s been ages since I read an actual novel. Usually I read biographies or self-help type of books. Just yesterday I picked up “The glass kitchen” by Linda Francis-Lee. I’ve never read a novel with a culinary story behind it, so it should be interesting (since I LOOVEE cooking ;) ).

“Portia Cuthcart wakes up in her Manhattan apartment with the taste of chocolate cake in her mouth. Recognizing the strange gift that comes in the form of compulsions to bake, mix, boil, or cook any given thing at any given time, she heads to the store to pick up the ingredients. After years of ignoring her cooking talents in favor of being the perfect politician’s wife, Portia is excited and a little scared to know that her gift has come back. With the support of her two older sisters and a terrifyingly handsome investor, Portia begins to make her dream of opening a restaurant in New York City a very real possibility. With shades of The Tempest, Chocolat, and Stepmom, The Glass Kitchen is a story of redemption, rediscovery, and renewal through the marriage of love and food. Lee includes several recipes in this fun addition for book clubs and culinarily minded readers.” 

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I always keep a bunch of notebooks everywhere-you never know when inspiration will hit ;) . I love technology, but there’s nothing better than good old pen and piece of paper.


Watermelon. Ate it. It was delicious.

I still have tons of things to do, tens of emails to respond to, but I do feel much better.  I really like to listen to guided meditations as well, unfortunately I didn’t get to do that today. What do you like to do to relieve stress?

  • I love this post. I really have to get into the habit of making green juices!
    The Sunday Chapter

  • Looks like you had a great relaxing day! I love those days! I actually like to plan my days off a bit because that way I don’t end up just sleeping the whole day (although sleeping is important too ;) ). If I want to relieve stress I either head to a spa or have a home spa session :). I also find wandering around the city and parks aimlessly very relaxing. I try to breathe more deep (“yoga breathing”).

    Take care Paula!

    x Marjaana

    • I love those days too :) Planning them out is definitely a good idea as it’s so easy to get caught up with the “everyday” life.

  • Louise

    very interesting post!

  • Oh your day sounds so nice right about now! That green juice looks so refreshing.


  • Love this post!

  • Yes! Taking care of yourself is sooo important! People don’t realize how bad food negatively affects your mood and energy! It’s sooo funny (talking about your food)! My favorite thing for breakfast is half of an english muffin, smeared with a tbsp of avocado, tomatoes with a dash of sea salt & pepper and an over easy egg on top! It seems like everyone in the healthy realm love this similar dish. Yumm!

    xo, N

    • That’s very true, everyone should allow themselves a little self-care day once in a while :)

  • loved this post Paula! it actually made me feel a bit more relaxed haha
    it is definitely important to take some time to just do nothing pretty much, I am always super busy as well and need to relax more often, btw that green juice looks so refreshing! :)


    • Thanks Christel :)

  • I definitely needed this post right about now! Sometimes I’m just not as healthy as I should be, and gentle reminders like this are great. I’m definitely going to make some fruit and veggie smoothies tomorrow, can’t wait.

  • Great post – thanks for sharing :) I have definitely not been taking care of myself but I now I am a tad less busy I will. I like to take my dog for a walk to clear my head! xx


    • Oh yes, walking with my dog is another thing I love to do whenever I need a little break. Dogs are the best <3.

  • Gorgeous pictures, great blog.


  • Gorgeous, gorgeous GORGEOUS photography here Paula, absolutely amazing shots :D

    Good for you for taking a break Paula, sounds like you were in need of a day off, sometimes it’s so nice to switch off the computer and just do something offline, or even be away from a screen in general! Often I find myself glued to the laptop, even if I promise myself that it won’t be one of ‘those days’ ;)

    Absolutely love what you got up to; the juice looks so deliciously healthy and juicers really are the best for getting those essential vitamins ;) The glass Kitchen sounds like a must read too, (opening a restaurant in NYC, what a dream that would be!) am glad you enjoyed reading :)

    So sorry to hear it’s been a stressful few weeks for you honey, am so glad you’re giving yourself the TLC you deserve and hope the next few weeks bring a sense of calm after the storm! <3 <3

    Sophie xo

    • Thank you so, so much Sophie <3
      I have already finished that book, it was so good, I don't think I've ever read a book that fast :)

  • Yes, candles are totally a must when it comes to relaxation! I haven’t had a chance to light a candle in so long and I miss it!! The green juice does look delicious! I totally understand by ‘diet goes haywire’ when things get busy but having simple ideas is great for on-the-go! Also, being a girl of routine, I love sticking to the things that are tried and tested when I don’t have the time to try out new yummy recipes!

    I hope everything goes amazing for you and wish you all the best in all your plans! <3


    • Awe, thanks so much Puja, you’re so sweet <3
      I try to light up a candle every single day, I go through them so quick haha ;)

  • I love this post. It’s always lovely to just switch things off for a bit and relax. Sometimes I go for a walk without my phone or camera and just get some fresh air!

    I definitely need to invest in a juicer, that drink looks delicious! Do you have any other juice ideas? :)

    Hazel Jane x


    • Thank you! I’m trying to get back into juicing, it’s really great. Simple juices are the best, I love anything with spinach, carrots, kale and cucumbers :)