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I don’t do it to often, but I sure like to get all dolled-up once in a while. I love trying out new hair styles-usually ones that involve lots of volume and big, luscious curls. The minute I’m done styling it, my hair always looks so glam, full and all sorts of pretty (“Wow hair, you’re awesome!”). I then routinely proceed to do my makeup, and I swear that the minute I’m done and I turn around to grab a makeup setting spray, I look back in the mirror, and my hair is flat (“WTF hair? You suck!”)  I promise you this happens that exact moment I turn around to grab that setting spray. Every. Single. Time.


rusk freezing spray humidity resistant review

If your hair is anything like mine-difficult to manage and can’t hold a curl for too long- then you know how difficult it is to find a hair spray that works for you. I went through countless bottles of hairsprays; maximum hold, minimum hold, medium hold, none of which worked for me. This Freezing Spray by Rusk has an extreme hold (no idea whether extreme is greater than maximum, anyone?) and is humidity-resistant. It’s one of very few hairsprays that has worked with my hair, even in bad weather conditions. I don’t have to use too much of it to work and it doesn’t leave any flaky residue on my hair. This spray does, however, make my hair feel a bit stiff, but I guess you can’t have it all, can you? (plus this is sort of to be expected with a hairspray that has “extreme hold”) One very good tip that I learned from a hair stylist is to never try to fancy-style your hair when it’s “fresh”. Second-day hair always holds curls a lot better.

Suave professionals dry shampoo moroccan infusion review

The Moroccan Infusion Dry Shampoo by Suave Professionals is one of my favorite dry shampoos. It’s one of those drugstore products that is really impressive. I think that I’m on a third or maybe even fourth bottle of this baby, and whenever I try to use a different dry shampoo (even ones bought at a hair salon), I always seem to come back to this one. It does a great job at absorbing the oil, refreshing the hair while adding a bit of volume to it at the same time and it doesn’t leave it feeling sticky. The key here is to not use too much product and massage it well into the roots and scalp with either your fingers or a hair brush. It has a very delicate and pleasant smell that lingers in the hair for the rest of the day.

oscar bladni texture and volume spray review

Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray. I’m pretty sure that I already mentioned this spray a while a go on the blog or perhaps in one of my videos. This truly is a life saver for my hair. I usually try to avoid using hot tools on daily basis, but obviously, I still want my hair to look decent. This texturizing spray is great to use on those days when my hair is sort of just “blah” and flat. It adds volume, body, texture and “life” to hair. I like to spray this all over my hair, concentrating on the roots, tease my it a bit and then just use my fingers to style it. This creates an effortless, yet very put-together look. It’s non-greasy and lightweight.  Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray is by no means a product that will add a “hold” to a hair style, but rather one that will give you sexy, tousled hair and create that “undone” look. It contains Keratin for strength and Zeolite for endless volume and hold.

If anyone else has hair that’s just as stubborn as mine, please let me know what your favorite styling products are!



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    August 13, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    I can totally relate to the frustration of doing your hair and spending so much time on it to it going flat within moments! It is so annoying, and i literally thought i was the only one with this hair dilemma! Everyone else’s hair always looks so perfect haha. I will definitely be trying out that hairspray in hope that it works for me too! – Just hope i am able to get my hands on it here in the UK.

    Great post!

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      August 15, 2014 at 8:07 am

      Oh you’re definitely not alone with this! :) Thanks so much Katie!

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    Sophie Sierra
    August 14, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Gorgeous hair products Paula! You really KNOW what you are talking about girl, the ultimate queen of style, class, hair, beauty, skincare, recipes.. if we hadn’t met in person I might just be wondering if you are superhuman my doll ;) :D You just radiate such knowledge and proficiency especially when it comes to hair and beauty! Another perfect post that truly is no exception <3

    My hair never holds curls for long either! It's so annoying! I wish I could curl mine properly, but every time I try it just goes kinky and looks horrid! I kept promising myself ages ago to watch some tutorials but never did, and have just noticed your How to: easy, soft curls and had a sneak peek, such beautiful photos!! (think we know where I'm heading after this haha) :D Most hairsprays don't work particularly well on my hair, so the Freezing Spray by Rusk sounds like a real winner. What an awesome tip too, about second day hair, I love that :D Dry shampoos are my saviours too, so I love the look of The Moroccan Infusion. I think my favourite though, is the Oscar Blandi product, my hair is mostly looks flat, so what a life saver indeed! I love the sound of an "undone" look, so cool, composed and street! ;) :)

    Sophie xo

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      August 15, 2014 at 10:43 pm

      Hahaha, nawwww thank you so much Sophie!!!! :D <3 <3

      It can really be annoying, can it? Ahh I think the Oscar Blandi texturizing spray is my no. 1 too ;) It's such a multi-purpose product that really lives up to its description! :)

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    Harriet Jones
    August 15, 2014 at 2:53 am

    I have the same issue with my hair, not holding a curl and going flat! Good to know you have found products that work for you with out having to burn or tease your hair too much.

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