Heal and relieve dry, winter skin.

Vaseline Advanced Relief Healing Serum Advanced ReliefI don’t know what I find more annoying, the fact that it’s still brutally cold outside, or the fact that it’s all everyone talks about these days.

Every single person I see during the day seems to start the conversation with “it’s so cold today, isn’t?” or “I’m so over this winter, can’t take this cold”. Can ya blame them? Supposedly last week the temperatures here in New Jersey were lower than in Alaska and I’m seriously considering moving to Florida. Okay, so while it did cross my mind, I’m not actually considering it, but I wouldn’t mind trading all this snow and freezing temperatures for some sunshine.

One of the worst things about winter, other than having to wear 5 layers of clothing, is dry skin. While I usually don’t have any problems with dryness or itchiness, it’s always an issue for me during winter. I was at Walgreens the other day and saw that Vaseline released these new, Advanced Relief Healing Serums and went: *NEED*. These new, healing serums come in three versions: Advanced Relief, Deep Repair and Radiance Restore. I grabbed the Advanced Relief.

New Vaseline Advanced Relief Healing Serum Review

This new range of skincare from Vaseline is said to bring the power of highly concentrated healing ingredients: PPAR Activators, Elastomers and Vaseline Jelly work together to help heal dry and cracked skin and protect it at the same time. Even though this is said to be a serum, it actually has a cream, almost mousse-like consistency, however, it does absorb like a serum (read: very quickly). It leaves no greasy residue on the skin, yet the skin feels moisturized and soft. It also worked nicely with few dry patches that I had on my arms. What’s even better is the fact that the skin actually stays hydrated and feels smooth to touch throughout the day. I know that a lot of lotions (and hand creams) always seem to work at first, but the hydrating effect doesn’t last once the product is absorbed. This serum really reminds me of another Vaseline favorite of mine: Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion, they seem to have a similar formula and that same, long-lasting hydration. This serum also has a scent that at first might come off almost too strong, but thankfully it fades into a very delicate and barely detectable one. I think it’d be awesome if Vaseline released a fragrance-free version of this, knowing how many of us are sensitive to strong scents (anyone here easily gets headaches from certain fragrances? this might not be for you).

Vaseline Advanced Relief Healing Serum Review

I think this serum is great, it’s definitely a unique and very effective product that will make your skin feel amazing (works great as a hand cream, too!). I just wish that I’d be able to get a bit more product for my money, because I do tend to be over-generous when using body lotions ;) (prices range from $7.99 to $8.99 for 6.8 oz of product).

  • I am also over the cold; it is freezing rain right now! Thanks for the review, that product sounds great for these dry, chapped hands of mine.

  • I need to get myself some of this, it’s like dry city on my hands atm :( great review, I’ve got high hopes for the product


  • This sounds so lovely, I’ll definitely have to pick a bottle up!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Mel

    Sounds like a nice product


  • I need to get this because recently I have been experiencing dry skin issues. Great review and pictures.