Victoria’s Secret Goodies

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I’m not sure why, but I can never have enough body creams, lotions and mists, I always want more :). Victoria’s Secret is probably my favorite place to shop for such goodies. They recently had a 7 for $37.00 sale, where you could mix and match mists, lotions and creams (regular price: $12 each), which I took advantage of :) .

Amber Romance Victorias secret

I have to start with “Amber Romance”-it’s my favorite scent that I’ve used since I was in High School and it brings back so many memories. It’s a very warm fragrance that is infused with aloe vera and calming chamomile. I bought three “Amber Romance” products (how could I not): body mist, tiny perfume (perfect for keeping in a handbag) and a body and hand cream. I actually prefer their creams over lotions, because they have a much thicker consistency and are more moisturizing.

victorias secret love spell

PINK more love mist

Pure seduction eau de toilette

Deep Berry and Sun Blissed creams
Deep Berry cream

I bought two more mists: “Love Spell”- Cherry blossom and peach scent that is very citrus-y, PINK “More Love”- a very fruity and floral scent with a hint of clementine and almond flower. I also got one more perfume “Pure Seduction”- red plum and freesia, very sweet and sexy and two more body creams: “Deep Berry”-fortified with avocado, almond oils and honey, and “Sun Blissed”-tamarind and marigold 24 hour moisturizing cream that smells like Summer.

PINK gift set

gift set PINK Victoria's secret

I also picked up some underwear, two bras and this adorable sweatshirt and legging set, which is actually a gift set, so it’s like a gift to self :D . Now I’m off to clean the house, and maybe, just maybe attempt to bake some gluten free gingerbread cookies. I forgot to buy baking soda and Mark took my car to work along with the keys to his car so I’m stuck here. Anyone wants to bring me some baking soda? :) I can’t believe that this is actually my 100th post :D . Happy Saturday!

Paula xxx