10 Beauty Tips for Winter

10 Beauty Tips for Winter

10 Beauty Tips for Winter
10 Beauty Tips for Winter

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Winter always proves to be a difficult time for my skin. Although the last couple of weeks were unusually warm (which has kind of become a norm now), it’s once again getting pretty cold. For me, this means dry, itchy skin, which is not fun.

When it comes to these beauty tips for winter, there’s more to it than just adding a richer moisturizer to your routine. You have to find not only which products work best for you but also take your routine and lifestyle into consideration (like your diet, how much time you tend to spend outdoors in the cold weather, etc.). These are some of the things that help me get through winter while feeling more comfortable, without having to scratch the life out of my skin.


10 Beauty Tips for Winter.


Keeping your body hydrated is important all year long, but we must pay special attention to this during colder months. In winter, we tend not to eat as many fresh fruit and vegetables as we do during summer and we also don’t drink nearly as much water. I know that I go through jugs of water a day during summer without even thinking about it, but in winter I have to constantly remind myself to stay hydrated.

By staying hydrated you improve your blood circulation, which will give you plump, hydrated skin. I also find that drinking warm water with lemon is a bit easier than reaching for plain water during winter when you’re cold. Every morning I fill my Yeti with lemon slices and hot water and refill it throughout the day. You can find more ideas for “dressing up” your water in this post.

10 Beauty Tips for Winter.


Cold weather also often means dry skin- not only is the air dry but we’re also buried under layers of clothing and our skin doesn’t get a chance to “breathe.” Moisturizing your skin is great, but unless you first remove all the dead, flaky layers, it won’t do much good. A few times a week, use a body scrub in the shower and follow up with your favorite moisturizer or body oil.

Long-time readers will also know that I love dry-brushing and using my Salux in the shower. Both help remove the dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin, leaving it soft and smooth, while also improving circulation. Body lotions, butters, and oils will also absorb much easier. Recently I also discovered Bioderma’s Atoderm Shower Oil for dry, sensitive and irritated skin- this stuff is amazing, it hydrates and does not leave the skin feeling oily, it’s also very quick and convenient to use as you apply it and wash it off right in the shower.

10 Beauty Tips for Winter.


It’s very easy to neglect your hands, but it’s also where first signs of cold weather tend to show. Always use a moisturizing cream at night and a protective one during the day. Gloves are also a must during extremely cold weather. For daytime, I love Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Creme, and always keep Grown Alchemist’s Persian Rose & Argan Extract Intensive Hand Cream on my nightstand- it’s pretty amazing both for keeping the hands and cuticles healthy. Weleda’s Skin Food is great, too.


Even on those dark, gloomy days, you need to remember to use sunscreen. I usually use SPF 50 and right now I love Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk and MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème (this one is really great for oily skin). Both work nicely with sensitive skin.


Post-holiday a lot of us feel like we’ve over-indulged a bit, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that once in a while, but it’s also important to keep some sort of balance. This winter, make sure that your diet is especially rich in healthy fats like those from avocado, nuts, coconut oil, and seeds- this will keep your skin nourished and looking healthy. A good Omega 3 Supplement is also a necessity for me and something that helped me tremendously with cystic acne.


Moisturizing your skin during winter is important for obvious reasons. I personally love using coconut or baby oil on my skin, right after a shower (I apply my oils while my skin is still wet, this helps to lock the moisture in) or the already mentioned Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil. GoldBond also has an amazing body lotion for dry skin- Ultimate Radiance Renewal Cream Oil, which is formulated with coconut oil, and shea and cocoa butters. If your arms, legs or back tend to get very dry and itchy, their Medicated Triple Action Relief Lotion for Extra Dry and Itchy Skin is also amazing, if you can tolerate the slightly medicated scent. Amlactin AHA Ceramide Therapy Lotion is my summer and winter must-have. Not only does it hydrate and help with balancing the skin, but it also evens out your skin tone. If you get razor bumps from shaving, ingrown hair or suffer from KP (Keratosis Pilaris, also known as the “chicken skin”), get dry and flaky skin on your legs and arms, this lotion can help with all these issues.

For my face, I also reach for Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream- it’s scent-free, rich and amazing for dry and sensitive skin. Even though I own A LOT of face creams (anything from Olay to La Mer), whenever my face feels dry or irritated and sensitive, this is the only thing that truly works for me where I don’t have to constantly re-apply it. If your skin tends to get really dry and itchy, avoid taking very hot showers/baths too often.

Avocado and coconut oil hair mask


I love using coconut oil as an intense treatment for my scalp- once a week I rub it directly onto my dry scalp and hair and leave it on for a while (minimum of 45-minutes). Once in a while, I’ll also do an avocado hair mask. This really helps me deal with a dry and itchy scalp.


A humidifier is one of my skin’s best friends in winter. Cold, dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin which can cause dullness, sensitivity, and dryness. Having a humidifier in your bedroom will help put that moisture back into the air which will not only make your skin look better, it will also help you get better sleep and will ease sinus congestion. If you often wake up with your skin feeling tight and dry, try using a humidifier, as it’s one of the best beauty tips for winter.


Gel formulas can often be a little drying while creamy formulas tend to be more gentle and leave skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Some of my favorites include Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser,  MŪN’S Akwi cream/oil cleanser, and CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash.


Chapped, dry lips can be a big problem during winter. A gentle scrub and a good balm usually do a good job at keeping lips soft and smooth. Staying hydrated and using a humidifier will also help keep your lips healthy. If I don’t have a lip scrub handy, I usually just use a moist washcloth- it really works just as good as a scrub. During the day, make sure to use a balm with SPF. You can read about my favorite winter lip treatments in this post.

What are some of your favorite beauty tips for winter? Does your skincare routine change a lot in these colder months?