13 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood


13 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

It’s not always easy being happy and upbeat all the time. Having struggled with depression in the past, means that I sometimes need to keep myself “in check”, monitoring my thoughts and feelings.

Practicing self-love has completely transformed my life, it made me realize that it’s okay to do the things I want to do and get joy out of it. During this time of year, a lot of us are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which can make you feel moody and lower your energy levels. This is why today, I’m sharing some very simple ways that will help make you feel better, instantly. If you guys have any tips of your own, I’d love to know what they are!


I know that it sounds silly, but how much fun did you have as a kid doing this? When I have a sucky day, I love jumping on my bed until I start laughing at myself. Instant mood lifter.


One of my favorite ways to instantly feel happier, is burning my favorite candle. I love scents like black bamboo and eucalyptus- as soon as they become fragrant, I feel more relaxed.


One of the ways that I’ve tried dealing with anxiety in the past, would be to stay as busy as possible, distracting myself. Today, I love to do quite the opposite and I have to say that this works much better. I try to calm myself by slowing down, by relaxing and awaking all my senses. Open up the window to let the fresh air in, listen to music you love, take a few deep breaths, meditate for few minutes.


When you feel down, you’re probably either don’t have much appetite, or get those “bad food” cravings. When I feel stressed, I lose my appetite completely, but I still try to eat regular meals, even if it’s small snacks. When you don’t eat, you might feel even more cranky, you have less energy, so it’s important to make sure to eat, even if you don’t feel like it. My go-to snack for days like these would be a mix of berries and almonds, and some dark chocolate. Also, make sure to eat foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, as the have been proven to improved mood and alleviate depression.



Physical activity produces endorphins and regular exercise reduces stress, improves sleep, boosts self-esteem and increases your energy levels. Even a 10-minute walk outside can help you feel better.


Do you remember how badly you wanted to “grow up” when you were a kid? Sometimes I feel like we all take so many things for granted. Adulting can be really though sometimes; having to pay bills, going to work, taking care of your home… but there are also so many other amazing things that come with it. I can get in a car, go to my favorite coffee shop, get a cup of coffee and my favorite vegetarian veggie wrap and enjoy every sip and every bite. I can treat myself to a new lipstick or a top, if I want to, I can binge-watch a whole season of my favorite TV show and not feel guilty about it. I don’t do these things too often, because I’m always so busy, but when I start feeling stressed out, I love taking a break for one afternoon, turning off my phone and not worrying about what else needs to get done.


Because there is no better feeling, than putting a smile on someone’s face.


Have you ever heard of bibliotherapy? It’s a “use of selected reading materials as therapeutic adjuvants in medicine and psychiatry; also guidance in the solution of personal problems through directed reading.” Yeah, it’s a real thing. It’s been proven that novel reading can actually reduce anxiety, and that it has long-lasting results, so next you’re start feeling down, pick up a good book.


Spending time with my dog lifts my mood immediately and I swear that he can sense whenever I start feeling anxious. I love the fact that he’s always so happy to see me, and seeing him like that always puts a smile on my face.


Sometimes this is all you need to feel better. Have a cup of hot chocolate or spearmint tea, get under your favorite blanket and take a little nap.


Because who doesn’t love cuddling? Regardless of whether you’re hugging your partner, your child, or your dog, it’s guaranteed to make you feel better.


This is also one of my favorite ways to reduce stress. On those days when I feel exhausted, I love listening to a good audiobook- especially when I feel like reading, but can’t keep my eyes opened for too long.


Okay, I know this might sound weird, but this is something that really works for me. I take a long shower, wash my hair and put on my coziest clothes on. To make this even better, I put my clothes and my towel in a dryer for a few minutes, so that when I get out of the shower, they’re still warm. This feels super cozy and relaxing.


What are your favorite ways to lift your mood?