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Few months a go, I published a post titled “113 Blog Post Ideas” and received great feedback from you guys.  Today I’m sharing 113 more ideas for blog post, for when that writer’s block hits ya. 

As previously, I’ve categorized these ideas by Food, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Blog post Ideas, Ideas for a blog post


Whether you blog about food exclusively or only feature a few food posts here and there, you’re not limited to only posting recipes.

  • roundup of your best recipes
  • favorite recipe from your childhood
  • what I ate- list of your weekly meals, including recipes- get creative with these
  • share a seasonal recipe
  • cookbook review
  • try a Pinterest recipe and write about it
  • create a recipe with an exotic ingredient
  • try a foreign recipe
  • homemade– plant milk, nut butter, bread, etc.
  • kitchen tutorial– share a how-to with your readers (how to chop an onion, cut a mango- do these only if you are very familiar with particular technique)
  • kitchen tool resource list
  • challenge yourself to try a new recipe every day for a week and blog about the experience
  • share your favorite “get-togethers” recipes
  • quick and easy breakfast ideas
  • try a few recipes from one of your favorite food bloggers and write about it



Naturally, I had to include some ideas for all my fellow beauty bloggers! When it comes to beauty, the possibilities are truly endless and you’re not limited to only writing product reviews (although who doesn’t love reading those?).

  • share your makeup storage
  • talk about your favorite makeup books
  • share your most-loved makeup tutorials
  • budget beauty finds
  • talk about your favorite beauty blogs
  • nighttime beauty routine
  • show off your makeup collection
  • share your skincare saviors (bad skin day products)
  • go-to makeup look
  • go-to hairstyle
  • morning routine beauty favorites
  • talk about your favorite beauty brand
  • discuss recent makeup trends
  • do a makeup challenge– go out of your comfort zone and try a new look
  • special events looks
  • before/after
  • do a star-inspired look
  • talk about your absolute must-have beauty products
  • share some makeup tips for beginners
  • skincare tips fitting your skin type
  • favorite recent beauty purchases
  • problem-solving products
  • compare a high-end and affordable products in your collection that are similar
  • tell your readers all about your favorite drugstore products
  • roundup of your favorites-favorite blushes, lipsticks, powders, etc.
  • share your favorite beauty hacks
  • travel beauty essentials
  • talk about your favorite foundation application technique
  • travel-friendly makeup looks and hairstyles
  • throwback post– talk about some of your very first beauty products
  • do a beauty collaboration with another blogger




There is so much more to fashion blogging than just OOTDs. Anything that’s “behind the scenes” is also very fun to read.

  • your favorite places to show for stylish pieces
  • favorite basic pieces in your collection and where to find them
  • first-date outfit ideas
  • date-night/special occasion outfit idea
  • talk about some of your staple pieces in your closet
  • recreate a look you love
  • talk about your style inspiration
  • memorable outfit you wore on a special occasion 
  • talk about office/work friendly outfits that aren’t boring
  • write about your favorite fashion magazine and the story behind it
  • film-inspired outfit
  • book-inspired outfit
  • concert-festival outfit ideas
  • talk about a current trend you’re loving


Lifestyle blogs have always been my favorite, I love it when lifestyle bloggers keep it interesting and colorful.

  • share your workout playlist
  • share a haul
  • talk about places you’ve visited that made an impact on your life
  • home/room tour
  • at home..– mani, pedi, spa
  • things to do on..– a summer evening, rainy day
  • talk about a recent even you’ve attended
  • working out at home– share your favorite programs/ routines
  • convince me to read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show– a good title for this would be “10 reasons you NEED to read _____”
  • do a link roundup
  • offer a free.. something– free printable planner, calendar
  • date night ideas
  • share a home ware haul– I love those!
  • do a tour of your bookshelf
  • talk about your favorite podcasts
  • share some of your weekend staples
  • roundup of your favorite Instagram accounts
  • share your favorite inspirational quotes/images
  • what are some of your favorite apps?
  • your “staycation” essentials
  • talk about your favorite seasonal activities
  • guest blog post
  • your desk essentials

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Getting a little personal might seem intimidating, but it can help you and your readers connect. Opening up can really pay off sometimes.

  • talk about your personal style-hair, makeup, fashion, music, books
  • write about what inspires you
  • “things you didn’t know about me” post
  • share your vision board/your dreams and goals
  • write about people you look up to
  • what are you passionate about?
  • share a few lessons you’ve learned over the years
  • your mood-lifters
  • things that make you happy
  • get real– share a struggle or other personal story, you’d be surprised how many people can relate to some of the things you go through
  • talk about your bucket list, do you have one? If not, create one and write about it!
  • 10 reasons I love ______– your favorite place, artist, brand, food
  • how I met my  ______– best friend, partner, if it’s a funny, weird and good story, share it with your readers
  • talk about the meaning behind your blog name
  • get to know your readers– ask fun questions in a post, have your readers answer in comments, get to know each other, this can be really good for building the “feel” of community on your blog
  • talk about an experience that made a big impact on your life

blogging tips for beginners


I love reading “blogging” posts and I also really enjoy writing them as well. It seems that you guys really like them too, because ever since I’ve introduced this category, it’s become quite popular. I think it’s best to only write about blogging once you’ve had some experience (unless you’re a beginner and want to share some tips for others who are just starting).

  • your blogging “style” evolution-take us back in time and talk about how your blogging style/routine has changed over the years
  • list of blogging resources
  • blog post ideas :)
  • interview your favorite bloggers
  • talk about your blogging routine/process
  • show off your blogging space
  • where do you find inspiration
  • lessons you’ve learned through blogging
  • share your photography setup
  • talk about your favorite social media outlets– maybe there are some tips and tricks you can share?
  • roundup of your best blog posts– these type of posts do really well here on Thirteen Thoughts
  • link roundup of your favorite posts written by other bloggers


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