At Home Airbrush Makeup: Temptu Air

Temptu Air Review

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If you’re a makeup lover, chances are you’ve already heard of Temptu. Temptu Air* is a personal airbrush system you can use at home and I’ve been putting it to the test over the last couple of weeks.

What is it, exactly?

  • a cordless system that allows for an instant airbrush makeup application at home
  • it has a very lightweight design
  • it has a rechargeable battery that comes with a USB cable
  • it’s compatible with all existing Temptu Airpods
  • provides adjustable coverage, anywhere from very light to full, with professional-like results

I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated at first when I sat down to use Temptu Air. I first watched a few demos- they have a bunch of them on their website where you can get very detailed instructions.

The device itself has three speeds once powered up. To turn it on you hold down the power button for three seconds and can choose between the speeds. Now, once the device is powered up, you press the soft touch control on the top that will adjust how much product you apply. To apply a sheer layer, you hold it down gently; for more coverage, you will put more pressure on the soft touch control- this video on Temptu Air explains this really well.

All of that sounded very confusing at first, but I have to say that the way this device is designed, I did not experience any difficulty using it, holding it didn’t feel awkward at all and the design just felt very intuitive and natural.

Temptu Air Review

To apply the product you use slow circular motions. Again, I was surprised at how natural and easy the use of the device felt to me. I know that this probably wouldn’t be the case for everyone, but you can actually practice on your hand or get the feel of Temptu Air, without pressing the soft touch control, therefore, not actually releasing any product, just air.

I really wanted to show you a before/after photos using Temptu Air in natural light. Quite literally, I was chasing the light here, since it was already late in the day and doing my makeup probably took me only about 10 minutes. So yes, while it’s not perfect (totally forgot to line my lash line with a black liner) you get the idea of a coverage and ease of use of Temptu Air. For these photos, I went with medium coverage, so I “went over” my entire face with the airbrush system only about twice. I got nice coverage, but my skin still looked like skin.

Before Temptu Air: bare skin in natural light. I actually had a “bad skin day” here and experienced my first post-Accutane breakout and strange dryness around my eyes just a day after using a $170 face cream that I treated myself with for my birthday last month… but more about that in the next beauty post…

Temptu Air Review

Here’s an after photo, following a quick makeup application using Temptu Air. The foundation shade I picked with their Foundation Finder was Buff, which, I have to say was not a very close match when it came to my skin’s undertones. It’s a bit too deep and warm, so it will be my summer shade while I get my hands on a lighter one in the meantime. For blush, I used Temptu Soft Peach*, the highlighter is Temptu Champagne* (which I also applied in the inner corners of my eyes), lipstick is Temptu Buffed Nectar*, ABH’s Brow Definer in Chocolate on brows and Esqido’s Lashlorette* lashes.

I have to say, that I usually am not too into using peachy blush shades because I just can never get a flawless application/placement, due to my skin’s texture (acne scars) on my cheeks, but Temptu Air made it sooo easy to apply it and blend it beautifully. I might actually become a blush person.


  • With Temptu, less is more. Use light pressure when applying your makeup to build natural coverage in layers.
  • Keep the distance of about 4 fingers away from the face when applying your base. If you get too close you risk your foundation application being uneven and/or too wet.
  • Don’t forget places like your jawline and neck.
  • Make sure to work with good lighting when using Temptu Air and applying your products.

Temptu Air Review

A few things that surprised me about Temptu Air, was that: 1) the product did not get in my hair; 2) the application wasn’t spotty, blotchy or uneven; 3) the finish it gave my skin was very natural and it lasted throughout an entire day, and that was without using a primer.

At $195 for a Perfect Canvas Starter Kit, this is definitely an investment (Temptu also Custom Essentials Kit at $275, which includes the Temptu Air device, foundation, blush, and highlighter). You do, however, get professional-looking results, once you get comfortable and familiar with the device. The other good news is that you can save 15% off using a discount code “PAULA13T” if you do decide to give it a try or gift it to someone else who’s a makeup lover.

Temptu Air Review

Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I really fell in love with this system. I myself find it very surprising, but I actually don’t have to reach for a brush after application to blend anything in or to even anything out. Another great thing about this system is that after I’m done doing my makeup, I don’t have 15 dirty brushes laying all over my vanity desk. I am not sure how long the airpods actually last (Temptu suggest that with daily use it’s about 3 months), but I do know that with airbrush application, the waste of product is pretty much non-existent. You don’t have sponges or brushes soaking up your products, which is great.