NUXE Rêve Miel Ultra Nourishing Balm

Just how many lip balms can a girl have, you ask? Way too many, perhaps. This one right here though -NUXE Rêve Miel Ultra Nourishing Balm- might be a game-changer.

Nuxe nourishing lip balm review

My lips are chronically dry and as you guys know I’ve tried tons of different balms and lip treatments over the years, some of which worked better than others. Ever since I started using a tretinoin cream, I’ve noticed that my lips have become even more dry and wearing any sort of lipstick left them feeling very tight and uncomfortable. (more…)

How to let go of negative thoughts

lifestyle and beauty blogA few years a go, I came to a conclusion that almost 100% of the time, things are never as bad as I imagine them to be. Having suffered from anxiety I have spent wasted so much time constantly worrying about things, people, situations, always imagining the worst possible outcome. I have since become an unapologetic optimist and chose to “always look at the bright side of life” (fun fact,  Monty Python’s Spamalot was not only a first Broadway musical I’ve ever been to, but it’s also one of my favorites ;) ). (more…)

My menu for dark circles

how to cover dark circles with concealer

Early bird might get the worm, but it could also use some concealer. Dark under eye circles are not usually a problem for me, which is definitely something to be happy about. There are those days, however, when I’ve only had few hours of sleep and wake up in need of some help concealing the evidence of same. (more…)

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