Green smoothie for healthy, glowing skin

Smoothie for a healthy skinGreen smoothie for a healthy, glowing skin.

Beauty comes form within, we’re all familiar with this saying, right? I already told you guys in one of my recent posts how changing my diet improved my skin (if you missed it, here it is) and today I’m sharing one of my favorite smoothie recipes: green smoothie for healthy and glowing skin. (more…)

NYX Suede Color Palette

nyx suede palette reviewI was pretty bummed when I missed out on this limited edition eyeshadow palette by NYX this summer. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw it being back in stock at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond. (more…)

7 Awesome Nude Lip Glosses

Best Nude lipglossesPeachy, pinky, nude lip glosses are probably some of my favorite and most-used makeup products (right after mascara). Today I’ll share some of my all-time favorite glosses that give a gorgeous tint of color and high-shine glow. (more…)

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