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Spring…has sprung

Who doesn’t love fashion? I know I do! I always thought that fashion should be an inspiration for everyone to create their own style. No one should feel pressure to wear things that they don’t feel comfortable in. (I…


Home remedy for dry lips

Regardless of the season, my lips are always dry, especially if I don’t drink enough water. A quick home remedy that I use to exfoliate and moisturize my lips: raw honey and coconut oil. In order for the honey…


New in: Chanel

After being MIA for two weeks, I’m back, now officially as a college graduate! Now that my Senior Thesis Research is done, I never felt more happy and accomplished :) As much as I love academia, all things beauty…


Everyday makeup

I usually keep my makeup pretty neutral on daily basis, unless I’m doing something different than going to work:) (or staying home-in that case I don’t usually wear any lol). Here are my currently favorite products, that I use…