Robyn Lawley: Plus size or normal size?

So this morning I’m trying to figure out this whole new Google+/Youtube thing, and came across an article from Cosmopolitan magazine about Robyn Lawley, a “plus-size” model who came out with her very own swimwear collection earlier this year. Before I read that article I didn’t know who Robyn was, one thing I did know, after looking at her pictures, was the fact that in no way would I, personally, call her a “plus-size” model.

Now, Cosmo (which I read and love by the way) doesn’t set out standards for modeling, that’s up to the fashion industry. The author of the article actually refers to Robyn’s body as that of a “real woman”, “really beautiful” and proudly states that her pictures do not need any retouching, which I absolutely agree with.

  Still, average, healthy looking women are considered to be “plus-sized”. Makes me wonder how the fashion industry would refer to those of us who are even more curvy and voluptuous.

Happy Saturday.

  • Great post hun, very thought provoking. I totally agree with you, it’s so frightening that Robyn could ever be considered ‘plus size’. Sad that the time has passed where curvy women weren’t plus sized, only embraced.

    Sophie <3

    • Thanks Sophie:) It’s scary, when I was young I was always told that I’m fat (by a very close family member) and never felt comfortable in my skin, always looked up to top models like Kate Moss (I was OBSESSED with her, still kinda am) and sometimes wouldn’t eat for days. It all sort of went away as I got older, but I’m not sure how I’d feel if I saw that a girl like that is being called “plus size”. It definitely wouldn’t make me feel better about myself :)

      • Oh no, I’m so sad to hear that :( How horrible some people are (and untruthful), probably just because of their stupid insecurities and need to put others down. From what I’ve seen you’ve got an enviably gorgeous figure & am so glad you found the strength to move away from the negativity. :) <3

        Totally, I was reading an article about another supposed "plus size" model today & she looked skinny to me!! xxxx

        • Awww, thank you Sophie <3!!

  • That girl in the pictures was labeled “plus size”?! Bah! That is INSANE!

    • My thoughts exactly!