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“Be The Miracle” by Regina Brett

Be the miracle by regina brett

I stumbled upon “Be The Miracle” by Regina Brett when it popped up on my feed as a recommended book purchase. I love reading books that are happy, uplifting and inspirational. The kind of books that make you feel like you’re on top of the world and can accomplish anything you wish. “Be The Miracle” is one of those books.

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This book is not a novel, but a collection of 50 inspirational essays or “lessons for making the impossible possible”. The stories written in this book come from the author’s real experiences as well as lives of other people that she has met throughout her life as a journalist. Every chapter tells a different story, a lesson that can be applied to our very own lives. The very first chapter starts with a short, but a powerful quote: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in a tent with a mosquito”. Makes you think doesn’t it?


Regina Brett inspires and teaches in a way that doesn’t feel “preachy” or sentimental. Because of this, “Be The Miracle” is a very light read, every story (or a chapter) is only a few pages long, but once you start reading one story, you can’t help but continue to read the next one. Every now and then the author also mentions God, but I think that even those who aren’t religious will find this book very much worth a read.

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As I’ve already mentioned (countless times, possibly), I used to suffer from really bad anxiety and would also get “depressed” very easily. Since I jumped on the whole “positivity” bandwagon, I finally feel like I have control over my life as well as my emotions. Reading inspirational books like “Be The Miracle” is one of the ways that I keep myself feeling inspired, motivated and happy. It teaches you that even if things don’t always go your way, there’s always a “bright side” to things. It teaches you how to stop over-thinking and over-analyzing (something I’m definitely guilty of), how to see the good not just in other people, but also in yourself.  “Be The Miracle” makes you want to get up, spread the love and change the world you live in.

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