Best drugstore cream I’ve ever used!

loreal youth code

I recently picked up this wonderful cream by L’Oreal, Youth Code day/night cream. I previously wrote about the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, and while the initial few uses were very promising, I ended up giving it to my mom (who, on the other side loved it a lot). It is a lovely, rich creme, but it was just too “fragrancy” to me, it felt a bit like I was wearing perfume on my skin. So, anyway, I went to a drugstore couple weeks ago and came across this cream by L’Oreal. I actually don’t ever remember using any of their skincare products, I decided to try it. I can now say, this is THE BEST drugstore cream I ever came across.

youthcode directions

I love using it before make-up, it can be used at night and in the morning (it doesn’t provide any sun protection, in case you were wondering). It has the smoothest consistency ever and just a slight hint of scent in it. Most importantly, it doesn’t break me out or give me any weird reaction, as some products sometimes do, since I have sensitive skin. It really leaves the skin feeling hydrated and so smooth, and gets rid of some dry patches that I always have around my nostrils and mouth. It is supposed to help with the signs of skin’s stress and fatigue, and I really find it to work, I will definitely be buying more when I run out, as I think the results are better the more I use it.

youth code crem

After I bought it, I actually went online to see what the opinions were. (I actually picked up the last jar, which made me think it must be quite popular) I saw raving reviews all over the place from women of different ages. Kind of made me wonder “how come I never heard of this cream?”. I believe the Youth Code line also carries an SPF lotion, a serum, dark spot correcting moisturizer and even a BB cream (which I think I will be buying next, since I’m running out of my favorite, Lioele BB cream). I paid about $25.00 for a jar and while it might seem a bit pricey for a drugstore product, I think it was well worth it! ( I mean it’s L’Oreal, get it.. “because you’re worth it” ;) )

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