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7 Life-changing morning rituals

7 Life-Changing Rituals

7 Life-Changing Morning Rituals Your morning routine sets the mood and tone for your entire day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you started each and every day on a with a smile on your face? How do you feel right after you open your eyes in the morning? Are you excited to start your day, or do you just want to roll over and go back to sleep? How you spend your mornings makes a big impact on your mood and…

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Green smoothie for healthy, glowing skin

green smoothie for healthy glowing skin

Green smoothie for healthy, glowing skin I’ve struggled with acne for many years, and one thing that made a huge improvement in my skin was changing my diet. The minute I cut dairy out of my diet, my cystic acne disappeared. Eating mostly plant-based foods, good Omega-3 supplements and drinking a lot of water also helped me quite a bit. Over the holidays though, I definitely indulged a little- I just can’t say no to both my mom’s and my mother-in-law’s cooking.…

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Cranberry Coconut Apricot Raw Bars (Vegan)

Homemade Vegan Raw Bars

Whenever I go food shopping (which, btw is like my favorite thing to do) one of my favorite isles to visit is always the one with organic and healthy foods. While on one of my usual organic isle strolls this summer, I discovered the most delicious raw, vegan bars that were just out of this world. My favorite combo? Berry-Coconut. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed. A few days ago I came across this awesome recipe and I knew that…

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