Essie Cashmere Matte-Wrap Me Up

Essie matte cashmere collectionEssie Cashmere Matte Collection: “Wrap Me Up”

You guys know how much of an Essie-holic I am. When I saw that Essie is coming out with a Cashmere Matte collection I was beyond excited. You would laugh at me, if you knew how many drugstores I visited looking for these polishes.

I finally found these at a display at CVS, and grabbed the only one that was left: Wrap Me Up.  If I were to find all six shades (Comfy in Cashmere, Wrap Me Up, Just Stitched, All Eyes on Nudes, Coat Couture and Spun in Lux) I probably would have bought all of them. I’m glad I didn’t.

Essie Wrap Me Up Matte polishEssie Cashmere Matte Collection: “Wrap Me Up”

I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by an Essie product, not until I tried this polish. I was expecting Essie to deliver on its promise of “a satin-matte texture and a subtle but spellbinding micro-iridescent finish, this collection is sure to inspire you to epic fashion heights”. It did not. “Wrap Me Up” is a gorgeous, gorgeous color (very similar to “Urban Jungle“, which as you guys know, I love) with a horrible, horrible formula. I found the formula to be incredibly difficult to work with and the finish did not resemble a “satin-matte” texture, it was very matte and very flat. The formula felt old. It was thick, streaky and I had to use three coats to have somewhat of an even coverage. I really had high hopes for this collection, I think all the colors are stunning, but I’m definitely not planning on buying any more colors from Cashmere Matte collection.

Essie Wrap Me Up cashmere matte collectionEssie “Wrap Me Up”

I love the idea of a “satin-matte” finish, but I guess I’ll just stick to a clear, matte top coat that I can use with any nail polish color I wish. It’s such a shame about this collection, I truly think that the colors are gorgeous, I just wish the formula wasn’t as streaky and thick.

Edit: Just to give you guys a little update, I realized that I haven’t mentioned anything about the staying power of this polish.. It chipped a few hours after I painted my nails. I never had this happen with an Essie nail polish before :(.

  • mel
  • I absolutely love this colour and I’m going to definitely be trying to get my hands on this.

    Beka. xo

  • I can’t wait for these to hit the UK, I love that shade so much! :)

  • Wow, this color is a dream. *___*
    Lovely greets Ness

  • Oh no!!! I’m an essie holic too but I will definitely skip buying this. :( Totally bummed it didn’t work out. But it is a really pretty color. :)

    • I know, too bad because the shade is stunning!! First time I was disappointed by an Essie product, & hopefully it’s last! ;)

  • It’s so disappointing! The colour is amazing, it’s a shame it didn’t turn out very good. Hopefully, they’ll change the formula to make it easier to apply and help the finish look really nice.

    Jessica Anna |

    • I know :( So sad about this being a “miss”.

  • Lol I have a feeling some commenters didn’t actually read the entire post? That’s too bad the polish was such a dud :( It really does look nice on your nails though! I hate when you’re super pumped for a product release and it totally lets you down.

    ElizaDeath Taylor

    • Lol, I know, I got the same feeling when reading few of them hehe. Oh well, haha ;) I knooow, I was obsessed about finding these, and when I finally tried it out, I was so bummed ;(

  • Des

    Your nails look perfect! How do you get them so pretty and the nail polish application so flawless? This does look gorgeous on you, but sad to hear that the formula didn’t work out.

    • Thank you! Just years of practice I guess :) I also use a nail polish remover and a little paint brush to clean up my cuticles ;)

  • The color looks super amazing on you!! :)