Everyday Beauty

How long after trying a new product you love, do you decide that you want it to be a part of your routine, forever?

Because that’s how I’m feeling about this Everywhere Multi-Cream. I wish I could describe the things that this cream does for my skin. I feel like all I talk about these days is my skin and lips being dry from my acne treatment, but guys, this dryness is real.

I have a LOT of creams and moisturizers that I love, but a lot of them are super thick and greasy (because that’s what I desperately need right now). This means that they don’t work too well under makeup- that’s where Everywhere Multi-Cream comes in handy. I mean, I’ve used it for only a few days and I’m hooked. It’s thick and creamy, but it absorbs very quickly, doesn’t feel heavy at all and my skin actually stays hydrated. Let’s be real, when you’re dealing with extremely dry skin, to the point where it’s peeling, it seems like your skin just soaks up every bit of moisturizer or cream you put on it, and it still stays dry. Not with this baby. I also use it on my hands, mix it with my foundation for a light coverage- I’ve got nothing but love for it and it’s already become one of my “everyday” essentials.  It’s like I wake up, looking forward to putting this on my face.

Also, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning my favorite SPF which is this one by MD Solar Sciences. If you hate greasy SPF creams/lotions, you will fall in love with this one, trust me!

Ever since I started Absorica I also started to experience something I’ve never experienced before: dark circles under my eyes. I swear that unless I went like two days without sleep, I never had to deal with dark circles. Now, I wake up with them every single day. I don’t know if it’s because the drug is making my skin thin or because I feel very tired and fatigued all the time. Point is, concealer is one of my best friends at the moment. I love MAC Pro Longwear (talk about an OG), IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Illumination and, of course Urban Decay’s Naked concealer.

The good thing about decluttering, is that you get to discover and find some things you forgot you had. Like this little Lorac Pro Matte palette. So small and compact and perfect for everyday use, it has everything I need. Not to mention that Lorac eye shadow formula is one of my favorites.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power is great for that “everyday” use- I’m not used to rocking Instagram brows to the office so a little definition is all I need. Speaking of definition, Chanel Volume de Chanel is still one of my favorite mascaras, but I’m itching to try something new. I currently have over 20 mascaras and I’m getting rid of a bunch of old products. So, if you guys know of any new and good mascaras that you love, let me know!

For years and years I used that think that when it came to foundation, the more coverage it gave me, the better it was. It’s really interesting how my relationship with makeup has changed over the years. Right now I still use a lot of products, but I try to go for the opposite effect- I want to look as if I wear little to no makeup (at least when it comes to my “everyday” routine). I just want it to be on a natural side. For that, I love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, L’Oreal True Match and Guerlain’s Baby Glow foundation.

What are some of your favorite “everyday” products you reach for on regular basis?