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Morning Routine Habits For a Happy + Productive Day

Morning Routine Habits for a Happy Day

Productive, happy days… It’s all in the power of your morning routine habits. The morning sunshine that filters into my bedroom through the blinds is one of the things that instantly put me in a good mood. Coincidentally, leaving my blinds slightly opened and allowing that light to enter the room as the Sun rises, is one of the ways I trick myself into getting out of bed early. Another “trick” I use is to always have a pair of…

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Lifestyle self-growth

Practicing Gratitude on a Daily Basis: How to Make Gratitude a Part of Your Daily Routine

Creating a gratitude routine

We always seem to want more. More of everything, and we want it now. I’ve come to realize that “more” doesn’t always equal “happy.” There are so many things in your life, right now, that you can’t imagine living without; yet most days, you don’t give those things a second thought. As I type this, my laptop battery is about to die. I’m wearing leggings, two pairs of thick socks, sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and I’m covered with…

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Lifestyle self-growth

How to Become a Morning Person (in 10 steps)


I think that we can all easily agree that sleep is one of the best things, ever. Just as your bed is probably one of your favorite things, ever. It’s warm, soft and comfy- it’s a place that’s pretty difficult to leave in the morning. Waking up early has SO many advantages, one of them being the fact that you will have more time to do the things you love, more time to spend with your family, or more time…

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Lifestyle Wellness

7 Morning Rituals for Busy People

Morning Rituals for Busy People

For some people, mornings are all about trying not to hurt anyone before their first cup of coffee. And, for others, early morning is a favorite time of day. I can easily say that I belong to the latter group. Why? Because I have created a routine that I look forward to, every single day. I open my eyes and feel excited. I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a morning person. I also used to have a lot more free time…

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Everyday Beauty

How long after trying a new product you love, do you decide that you want it to be a part of your routine, forever? Because that’s how I’m feeling about this Everywhere Multi-Cream. I wish I could describe the things that this cream does for my skin. I feel like all I talk about these days is my skin and lips being dry from my acne treatment, but guys, this dryness is real. I have a LOT of creams and…

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