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favorite lip treatmentsI can never have enough lip balms, lip creams and lip butters and all other lip care products. Some of my ultimate favorites are: lip butters by Nivea, they smell devine (my favorite is vanilla & macademia), Dior Addict Lip Glow, which enhances lips’ natural color and it is very moisturizing, I love using this at night; Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy saved me during winter time, it’s my absolute favorite; Vaseline’s lip therapy balm in coca butter; Korres lip butter in wild rose, which actually is very pigmented and gives a quite red tint, ‘Crème de Rose’ Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm is so luxurious and smoothing; last but not least, OCC’s clear lip tar.

dior creme de roseAlthough Creme de Rose is being advertised as a ‘plumbing’ product, it does not tingle and it doesn’t really “plump” your lips. It has a very light fragrance, smooths the skin, and it’s also one of my favorites to use at night.

korres wild roseKorres Wild rose gives a dark tint, looks almost like lipstick on the lips.

occ clear lip tarOCC’s Lip Tar in clear, is a perfect primer for lipsticks. Unlike the balms, it doesn’t leave any waxy residue on the lips, it sinks right in to the skin. It doesn’t make my lips look greasy, but at the same time it gets rid of any dry skin. It’s the only thing that I now use before applying my lipstick.

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