Healthy snacking: 8 ideas for a vegan sandwich

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healthy eating tipsSnacking doesn’t have to be boring, even when you’re trying to stay healthy. My diet still consists of mostly vegan and plant-based foods and I can truly say that I’ve never better.

Today I will share a few ideas with you guys for a healthy, vegan sandwich made with a gluten-free bread. I’ve always been a huge bread lover and sometimes I wish that I could live on nothing else but fresh, sourdough bread and coconut butter. That is why giving up bread  was very difficult for me. I’ve tried tons of gluten-free breads and most of them were awful. On one of my recent trips to Costco I discovered Udi’s Gluten Free bread and it quickly became my favorite. It doesn’t have that usual GF taste and it’s as close to “normal” bread as it gets.

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Before making these, I toasted my bread, since I usually always keep it frozen.

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1. Natural peanut butter with banana & chia seeds. I think that peanut butter goes with bananas as well as avocado goes with tomato. Whenever I have sweet cravings I usually go with banana & peanut butter on GF bread or on brown rice cake. I always buy natural peanut butter, since the only ingredient is peanuts, whereas “regular” peanut butter contains around 85% peanuts mixed with vegetable oils, other preservatives and additives.

2. Pesto with cherry tomato & chives. For this, I used my home-made pesto (you can find the recipe right here) and topped it with organic cherry tomatoes and chives.

3. Chickpea salad chopped with chives. This is one of my favorites! Chickpea salad is ofter referred to as a “vegan tuna salad” because it’s prepared basically using the same ingredients and it actually does have a very similar taste. I prepared it using the recipe from the 22-Day Revolution book. I used a can of chickpeas, some veganaise, relish, salt, pepper and a little lime juice and blended it all in a food processor, but making sure that the mixture isn’t too smooth.

4. Olive hummus with cucumber. Hummus is another great vegan option when it comes to bread spreads.

5. Avocado and tomato. This is just a classic. A match made in heaven. Topped with some sea salt and black pepper.

6. Natural peanut butter with strawberry and fresh basil. Fresh basil goes great with a strawberry. This is another fun option for curbing those sweet servings. Sometimes I also drizzle some vegan chocolate syrup on top as well (you can find my recipe for the sauce right here).

7. Cashew cream cheese topped with radish. Sounds weird, tastes delicious. As far as the cream cheese goes, you can either use a store-bought version, or make your own (I used store-bought version this time, but you can make your own using this recipe).

8. Avocado with black olives topped with red pepper flakes. When it comes to avocado, the possibilities are really endless. This is also one of my favorite combos, sometimes I also add a little balsamic reduction.

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