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Some of you guys might have noticed that I recently added a “blogging” category here on Thirteen Thoughts. So far I’ve only written a couple of posts about blogging, but you guys seemed to really like them!

I decided that once in a while, in addition to my Photography posts, I will also share some blogging tips here and there. I’m certainly not a pro just yet, but I’ve been blogging for a while now and definitely learned a few things.

Today’s post will come in handy to those fighting a writer’s block, or suffering from lack of inspiration. To make things easier, I’ve separated these ideas for a blog post into a few categories: Food, Beauty, Fashion/Style, Lifestyle, Personal and Blogging. I hope that some of you will find these helpful!

healthy lifestyle blog


If you include food-related blog posts on your blog then you’re not limited to just posting recipes. Maybe you eat out a lot with your friends and have some great recommendations you want to share with your readers? Maybe you are really into healthy eating and want to share some tips on what to eat on a healthy diet?

  • idea for a date night meal/dinner for two
  • your favorite spots to eat
  • a list of your favorite food bloggers/Instagram accounts
  • ideas for easy snacks/appetizers
  • a list of your favorite food documentaries/tv shows (I wish I could watch those for a living!)
  • if you’re into healthy eating you can also write up some tips on how you “cleaned up” your diet
  • cheap” ideas for a weekday dinner
  • your favorite recipe
  • your food diary
  • do a home version of Chopped!-grab a friend, or sister, brother, your mom, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, pick some unusual ingredients for one another and try to come up with a three course meal. This could definitely be a very fun post!
  • write about your favorite recipe book
  • write about your favorite chef
  • do a recipe for a nice comfort meal– like a favorite recipe from your childhood



Naturally, I had to include some ideas for all my fellow beauty bloggers! When it comes to beauty, the possibilities are truly endless and you’re not limited to only writing product reviews (although who doesn’t love reading those?).

  • product review– maybe try reviewing a different product, something that no one else has talked about yet?
  • favorite/holy grail products round up
  • “everyday” products
  • makeup tutorial
  • hair tutorial
  • nail tutorial
  • skincare routine
  • diy beauty treatment (but please do your research and whatever you do, don’t encourage people to rub lemons on their face :) )
  • favorite hair style
  • date night makeup look
  • wedding makeup look
  • favorite products for a pamper day/night
  • roundup of your favorite beauty blogs/bloggers/youtube channels
  • best of… (mac, nyx, L’Oreal, etc. a list of your most-loved products worth recommending from one particular brand)
  • what’s in my makeup bag
  • hair care routine
  • best beauty products on a budget
  • best luxury products worth splurging on
  • your favorite fragrance
  • write about products that are worth the hype
  • write about products that are NOT worth the hype
  • “get the look” post inspired by your favorite star
  • beauty wish list
  • monthly favorites
  • your favorite mascaras (including a before and after of each would make this a really cool post)
  • best product to bring with you when traveling
  • best products to use “on the go”
  • compile a list of beauty “dupes”
  • talk about your favorite subscription box
  • product empties/mini reviews


Similarly to food bloggers, if you’re a fashion or style blogger, you’re not just limited to posting OOTD’s.

  • write about your style icon
  • 10 ways to style… (a white shirt, a leather skirt, converse shoes, etc)
  • style inspiration board
  • fashion/accessory haul
  • write a post about favorite pieces from your wardrobe
  • style evolution– take a look at how your style has changed over the years and blog about it!
  • favorite designer/clothing store
  • style according to… (fill in the blank, I personally would love to see a blog post about JLaw’s style)
  • your favorite accessories/bags/shoes
  • tips for shopping– if you’re a fashion or style blogger you probably love a good bargain, maybe there are some tips that you can share for saving money, finding good deals and/or coupons, etc.
  • do a budget outfit post- give yourself a $50 limit for example to spend at Forever 21 or other store and create an entire outfit
  • outfit post that’s inspired by one of your style icons
  • style must-haves (staples)
  • OOTD
  • style wishlist

how to practice self-care


Lifestyle blogs are probably amongst some of my favorites to read. I love seeing little glimpses of other people’s lives (I think it’s our nature.. you know, being  a little nosey :) )

  • book review
  • fitness routine
  • day in your life
  • places you’ve visited (say, you’ve visited Paris or NYC, write up a post on best places to go and see, etc. maybe you have some tips about organizing a weekend getaway? )
  • places you want to visit
  • do a fun TAG (you guys seemed to love my version of the “50 things that make me happy” TAG)
  • write up a roundup of the most popular/ your favorite blog post on your blog– this a great idea on how to refresh some content that’s been buried. Maybe there are some blog posts which you are particularly proud of?
  • share your skills– we’re all good at something, whether it be creating fun makeup looks, cooking, writing, photography. Share your skills with your readers, try to teach them something new, give them some tips. Posts like these usually have a lot of value and are really timeless.
  • what you did this weekend
  • list of your favorite inspirational quotes
  • what’s in my bag
  • 10 things to be happy about
  • Instagram roundup
  • what are your favorite outdoor activities?– Maybe you have some tips on how to learn snowboarding, etc.
  • host a giveaway
  • talk about your morning routine


Sometimes getting a little personal on your blog can pay off big time. You don’t have to share all of your secrets, but maybe by sharing a personal story, you will find that some of your readers can relate to you and this can spark some interesting discussions.

  • write about something you overcame
  • a letter to your teenage self
  • write about your dreams for the future
  • summer bucket list
  • reverse bucket list– write about the things you’ve accomplished so far in your life
  • write about your role model and what you’ve learned from them
  • write about your blog– why you started, maybe start a conversation with your readers, ask what type of blog posts they enjoy the most, etc.
  • express your opinion on a recent event– It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything controversial
  • write about who and what inspires you
  • share a funny/weird story (from work, school, etc.)
  • how do you stay creative?
  • what are your hobbies?
  • share your favorite apps
  • talk about your favorite places/shops/restaurants in your town/state
  • write about your pet!
  • share some high school/college tips
  • write about some things that you couldn’t live without
  • list of your dreams and goals for the future
  • share the best piece of advice given to you by someone else
  • share your playlist
  • write a story about yourself so that your readers can get to know you better
  • make a list of things you are grateful for
  • share your favorite childhood memory
  • talk about a tough time in your life and how you dealt with it– this, once again can turn out to be something that many of your readers will be able to relate to
  • do a “get to know me” TAG
  • Q and A post

Photography tips for bloggers


Some of my favorite bloggers blog a lot about..blogging! It’s always helpful to see others share their resources and tips.

  • what I learned during [___] years of blogging
  • why you love blogging
  • create a resource list– (you guys loved my “Take your blog to the next level: over 50 resources for bloggers” blog post) make sure you share only the most valuable and helpful information you can find and remember that quality over quantity applies here as well.
  • share some of your favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers
  • share some things that you’ve learned on the technical side of blogging
  • create a survey or quiz for your readers
  • share your favorite WordPress plugins
  • share pictures of your blogging space
  • share what keeps you motivated
  • interview another blogger
  • share some photography tips– if that’s something you’re passionate about
  • show off your blogging/photography equipment– give some tips about same to others

Hope you enjoyed these ideas for a blog post! Lastly, whatever you blog about, make sure that you’re having fun and make sure that you blog about something that you love. That way, you will never run out of ideas or inspiration. :)

To see a full list of my Pinterest tools I use to grow my blog, see this post. For a list of ALL of my blogging resources, including my favorite affiliate networks, see this post

See how to start a self-hosted lifestyle blog, in this step-by-step tutorial.

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