Give me all the glow- 10 highlighting products to love


glowgettersWhat’s not to love about highlighters… 

I’m not exactly sure when highlighting, strobing and skin-illuminating has become such a huge trend in the makeup world, but I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay. For now, at least.

When I first started using makeup, I couldn’t stand my then-very-oliy skin having any sort of illuminating glow or highlight and now I’m all like “give me all the glow and give it to me now!”

For a subtle highlight…

I love Stila’s Kitten Duo for a touch of highlight and color. It doesn’t have that over-the-top shimmer or glow so it’s perfect for makeup beginners or when going for minimal-makeup looks. Kevyn Aucoin’s Candlelight from The Creamy Glow Duo is another favorite of mine that adds just a touch of glow and works well with dry skin and blends very nicely.


For a creamy highlight..

You probably see Marc Jacobs Glowstick all over Instagram these days and I was lucky enough to have received it from Influenster. This illuminator is so beautiful and works really well with my fair skin tone, it also seems like a shade that would be universally flattering. It blends beautifully and is pretty long-lasting on my skin. One thing though, is that I do not like applying it directly on my skin- I prefer to use a beauty blender, so that my foundation doesn’t smudge off.

Highlight Sunlight SwatchClick the image to enlarge

Becca Moonstone, Laura Mercier Indiscretion, TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose, Stila Kitten Duo, Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight form The Creamy Glow duo, Marc Jacobs Spotlight Glowstick.

For a touch of color…

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose is one product that I’ve been using forever (and almost daily for a while there). I skip bronzer and blush when using this, as it adds a touch of that gorgeous pink color to my skin. It can go very subtle or heavy- depending on how much you layer it. I also love Beige Shimmer Brick, just as much.  Stila’s Kitten Duo is perfect for adding a little pale iridescent pink to complexion, too.

For an all-over glow..

You can’t do any better than MAC’s Strobe Cream (see my review here) or Pixi’s Glowtion (see my review right here)- both are actually good skincare products as well. They are moisturizing, without being thick, heavy or greasy and both work very well under foundation. I might like the Glowtion juuuuust a little bit more because I love the packaging and product dispenses more easily.


My three, all-time favorites…

Are The Balm’s Mary-Lou ManizerBecca’s Moonstone and Laura Mercier’s IndiscretionMary-Lou Manizer is a gorgeous, gold-toned, fine highlighting powder that also doubles up as an eyeshadow- it’s not glittery and really long-lasting on my skin. Moonstone is a pale gold that is nicely pigmented, the formula is a bit on the dry side. My only complaint with Moonstone is that when layered, I can see a bits of chunky glitter pieces show up on my skin, but since I use it very sparingly, it’s not usually an issue for me. And then, of course is my all time favorite: Laura Mercier’s Indiscretion– not only is it very beautiful to look at, it’s a wonderful product. It’s a rosy copper luminous highlighter that looks beautiful on skin during summer. I use it on my collar bone as well and it’s probably one of the most long-lasting highlighters I’ve tried.


Are you a glow-getter? What are some of your favorite highlighting products?


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    June 21, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    I’m dying over that new Marc Jacobs highlight, you lucky lady! Beautiful post, seeing all that glow makes my heart warm! xx

    Klaudia //

  • Reply
    Liz | Lipstick & Confetti
    June 21, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    Mary Lou-Manizer is one of my all-time favourites! The Marc Jacobs one looks amazing though, I really want to try it out!

    xo, Liz

  • Reply
    Charlotte Roberts
    June 21, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    This is a lovely post! The highlighter looks incredible! My favourite highlighter is the one in the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow duo!
    Charlotte xx – Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  • Reply
    Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic
    June 21, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Not keen on highlighters yet but the more I see them around the more I feel like it won’t last long.. :)

  • Reply
    The Gossip Darling
    June 21, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Hi! This is awesome!! I am looking for a new highlighter!! I am going to swatch theses :)

    Mel |

  • Reply
    Caked To The Nines
    June 21, 2016 at 6:19 pm

    Yaaas give me all the glow!! I love the Marc Jacobs Glowstick :)

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  • Reply
    Leah Rose
    June 21, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    I love becca highlights for an intense glow

  • Reply
    The Sunday Mode
    June 21, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    Highlighters are by far my favourite makeup product, Becca’s Moonstone is the one I’m currently loving. I used to love Soft and Gentle by MAC but now the Becca one has taken the cake!

  • Reply
    Heidi Wood
    June 21, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Amazing product!

  • Reply
    Nereyda @This Girl Is Obsessed
    June 22, 2016 at 2:44 am

    I got the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in the mail too and while it’s so pretty, the shape is a little odd. I feel like I’m rubbing deodorant on my face. I actually had to tell my daughter that it wasn’t deodorant just in case she tried to use it. My favorite highlighters are Anastasia Glow Kits and Colourpop highlighters.

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • Reply
      Paula @
      June 23, 2016 at 10:44 am

      I use a brush or a beauty blender for that, I don’t apply it directly on my face because it smudges my foundation.

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    June 22, 2016 at 3:27 am

    i’m so tempted by the marc jacobs sticks – also the one for covering imperfections! on highlighters, the super famous becca one is great!

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  • Reply
    Kiss & Make-up
    June 22, 2016 at 4:31 am

    I have to highlight veeeeeery subtly and carefully because if I don’t I’ll just end up looking like a disco ball. My skin is very shiny so it’s easy to go OTT with sheen.

  • Reply
    Elizabeth Hisle
    June 22, 2016 at 6:26 am

    Highlighting has been my thing lately. I am alllll about getting that glow going. Eventually I might try some others, but my personal favorite thus far is Becca Champagne Pop. That color is so freaking good on my skin I could cry.

  • Reply
    charlotte carter
    June 22, 2016 at 7:33 am

    you really can’t hate highlighters! Great picks lovely!
    a life of a charlotte

  • Reply
    June 22, 2016 at 7:36 am

    I’d love to try any of these!! I’m still loving my Charlotte Tilbury highlighter from the bronze & glow palette, so dreamy!

    Katie //

  • Reply
    Biana Perez
    June 22, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Champagne Pop from Becca x Jaclyn Hill is my favorite right now – I’ve also been using a highlighting primer from Becca that’s liquid that I love!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Reply
    Vanessa Buttino
    June 22, 2016 at 9:52 am

    When it comes to highlighters, I actually prefer just looking at them in the pan rather than dusting them all over the high planes of my face haha! The pans are SO PRETTY!

  • Reply
    Ambar Syed
    June 22, 2016 at 11:33 am

    Really gorgeous picks here – I love creamy highlighters! My favourites right now are the Sleek Solstice Palette and Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette :)
    – Ambar x

  • Reply
    Rebecca Olivia Capel
    June 22, 2016 at 11:42 am

    I love the Mary Lou Manizer it’s been my favourite for over a year but now it’s been replaced with Laura Geller Gilded Honey, I can’t stop using it!x

    Rebecca | Rebecca Olivia Capel

  • Reply
    Phoebida x
    June 22, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    The Marc Jacobs highlighter is so pretty, I might have to add that to by wishlist. I have a highlighter obsession, aha! Loved this post x

    Phoebe & Abida |

  • Reply
    June 22, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    I’m just the same! I used to be all about matte skin and now I’m all give me ALL the GLOW. The Mary-Lou Manizer is my one and only. xx

  • Reply
    Sophie Sierra
    June 22, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    All the heavenly highlighters here Paula, such a gorgeous post! I love strobing, and I really hope the whole highlighting trend is here to stay, it’s just too gorgeous not to stick around, right? ;) MAC’s strobe cream sounds so divine, as do all of these dreamy products featured. All the glow-inspo! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • Reply
      Paula @
      June 22, 2016 at 8:04 pm

      Aww thank you Soph!!! I am obsessed with Strobe Cream, it’s amazing, even when used only as a moisturizer!

  • Reply
    Dagmara Klich
    June 22, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    I’m still not crazy about highlighters to be honest but I do appreciate luminous, radiant, healthy looking skin as opposed to matte like still not long ago :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • Reply
    June 22, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Argh yes – this post is just right up my street! I’m becoming ever more obsessed with highlighters.. agree with Stila and Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight, and I definitely need to get Indiscretion when it relaunches! Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder have absolutely stunninggg highlighters in their summer collections – I’m completely in love


  • Reply
    June 22, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    I love highlighters. That’s one of my favoritest makeup items. I love love love, the bronze goddess collection illuminator drop thing and the highlighter from the palette. Mary Lou is definitely one of the top favorites. But if I want to go all va va voom I love Mac magically cool liquid powder in honey rose, it’s the bomb dot com. haha.

    Sam || Beautydetour

  • Reply
    steff @
    June 23, 2016 at 11:04 am

    I also got the GlowStick from Influenster. I am not 100% sure how I feel about it. I was using a small stipple brush to apply and found it was a little gritty/glittery. Today, I used a damp beauty blender and I think it looks a lot more natural/glowy. I’m so surprised you didn’t mention any of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders!? I feel like you’d LOVE Luminous Light (it’s the only one I like from the collection). For oilier/combo skin with any texture, it’s my go-to and most-recommended. :)

    • Reply
      Paula @
      June 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

      Yes I also find that it works best with a beauty blender. I love Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, Diffused Light is my favorite.

  • Reply
    June 23, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks for the swatches, they all look amazing! I have been contemplating whether to buy the Marc Jacobs Spotlight Glowstick or not because I just recently got the NARS the Multiple in Luxor and they are pretty similar!

  • Reply
    June 24, 2016 at 5:59 am

    Lovely picks and swatches!I’m a huge lover of the Mac Strobe Cream and the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose. I’m glad to hear the Kevyn Aucoin Candelight powder works well on dry skin! Everybody also seems to agree that the Marc Jacobs Glowstick is universally flattering, that sounds interesting!

  • Reply
    June 24, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Definitely a glow-getter! There’s just something about illuminating products that I can’t resist..I really love the Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick in Pure Glow, and their Blush Sticks for a touch of colour. I haven’t tried many highlighters yet, but Laura Mercier Indiscretion and Becca Moonstone look dreamy!

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