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accessories for summer 2016

accessories for summer 2016Alright, summer is officially here!!

Are you excited??? I am! THAT’s RIGHT- the girl who doesn’t like being out in the sun and never goes to the beach, is excited for summer!! Why, you ask?

Ahh let’s see… longer, brighter days (umm yes, this is a heaven-sent for us bloggers, I love that I can take my blog photos as late as 5pm!) warm evenings spent outdoors, dining outside, opened sunroof, occasional rain storm here and there that leaves everything looking brighter and more alive, spending my Saturdays poolside and catching up on my magazine-reading, falling asleep with the windows opened… there’s just so much to love about summer.

Also: fun accessories. I’ve been crazy about chokers; like this faux leather choker (1) and this velvet one. Also loving: this vegan leather wrap necklace (4), this red leather bolo (14) and this gold plaque choker. If you’re not really into chokers you can try tying a light scarf (5) around your neck- I’ve seen so many of my favorite bloggers rock this trend. Speaking of jewelry, you guys always ask me where I get my little, gold midi rings that you see a lot in my pictures and I always buy them from the same place: Forever 21. I just got this Geo Cutout set (8)– these will look so fun with a bright, summer mani!

A good SPF is a must for me all-year long, but it’s especially important during summer which is when we all tend to spend a lot more time outdoors (some medication and skincare products can also make you sensitive to sunlight and prone to sunburn, so ya better read those labels!). Right now I’m using this one by Avene (10), as recommended by my derm. In addition to wearing SPF50 (all over my body, not just my face) I always wear my sunnies (6 here and 15 here) and a hat (9) when I know I’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Staying hydrated is another thing that will keep your skin looking beautiful. I always carry my BKR water bottle (12) with me- it’s made out of glass, has a silicone cover, it’s also BPA and phthalate-free.

I’ve been loving my Dogeared makeup bag (3) and it’s such a perfect summer accessory, especially if you’re planning a few beach or weekend getaways this summer. This baby is SO. ROOMY. 

The only time you’ll see me wear a small, cross body bag is during summer- love this one from Rebecca Minkoff (16) also loving this bright yellow one from Zara. I love huge handbags and that’s because I always feel the need carry around A LOT of crap, including my laptop and way too much makeup/skincare than I care to admit (hey, you never know). A small card holder (7) is really all I need when running errands- just big enough to fit my ID and my debit card– and it’s a perfect accessory to grab when going out, or hitting the beach, instead of bringing your entire wallet. Unless, that is, your wallet is small and compact. Mine isn’t. It’s like another handbag- filled with countless business cards, post-its, index cards- I have a system, mmkay? It works.

Regardless of how much or little makeup I wear during those hot summer days, I always finish my makeup with a setting spray- and you probably already know that Urban Decay’s All Nighter (2) is my all-time favorite. Also, you can never go wrong with a bright lipstick- like MAC’s Sweet Venom (13) when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup.

What are some of your must-have summer accessories?