Home remedy for dry lips

Regardless of the season, my lips are always dry, especially if I don’t drink enough water. A quick home remedy that I use to exfoliate and moisturize my lips: raw honey and coconut oil.

cocunut oil honey honeyraw

In order for the honey to have the exfoliating properties, it needs to be organic, raw honey, due to the fact that it is very grainy (I get mine locally, but nowadays they are sold in supermarkets in the “organic” section). If you don’t have raw honey you can also use liquid and add some brown sugar to it.

Basically what I do is apply a small amount of honey and rub it in to my skin until it dissolves. After that I pat my lips dry, I then take a small amount of coconut oil and dab it onto my lips. Even though the coconut oil is solid, it changes into liquid form upon contact with your skin. Coconut oil is very moisturizing and soothing, so while the raw honey gets rid of my dead and flaky skin, the coconut oil leaves my lips smooth and glossy.


Because storing huge jars in my bathroom and reaching in for the products is not very sanitary, I use little plastic jars that I found at a drugstore (they came in a little set for traveling). This lets me keep everything nice and clean, and I can re-fill it any time I need to. Another plus is that I didn’t spend $20 on a lip scrub, just used something I already had in my kitchen ;)

cocunt oilhoni

I hope some of you try my little remedy :)


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