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After being MIA for two weeks, I’m back, now officially as a college graduate! Now that my Senior Thesis Research is done, I never felt more happy and accomplished :) As much as I love academia, all things beauty are my true passion. Today, I will show you few things that I have picked up at the Chanel counter at Macy’s.

First, my new foundation Chanel Perfection Lumiere-Long Wear Flawless Fluid


I asked the Chanel consultant for a foundation that would be good for my oily and acne-prone skin and would provide a fuller coverage. I remember years ago I’ve used a Chanel foundation that has been now discontinued, and finally wanted to try something new. What I like about the Perfection Lumiere is how beautifully it blends into the skin and how smooth of the finish it provides. As far as the coverage goes, one layer provides a nice, sheer coverage that is definitely buildable. Thankfully it has not caused my skin to breakout and I actually like it. The only “con” can be the fact that it has a strong scent, a very nice scent, but I know that not everyone likes when their makeup smells like perfume. I actually don’t mind it at all :)

openPerfection Lumiere also has a pump, which for me is a huge plus!

The next thing that I got was a limited edition highlighting powder: Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder.


The color of this highlighting powder is the most beautiful luminizing shade. It’s not pinky or too silvery, but it’s more of a warm, subtle gold shade which in my opinion would fit beautifully any skin tone. This highlighter really gives a beautiful glow to the skin, not the mention the amazing design! Almost makes me not want to use the product ;)

applicatorwholeIt also comes with a little applicator, but I prefer using my fan brush or fingertips to apply it.

Last thing that I picked up was the Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, and the only reason why I ended up getting it, was because before applying my makeup the consultant put it on my face and I just love how it felt on my skin. I chose the Gel and not Creme, because of my oily skin. This gel contains a lot of powerful antioxidants and leaves my skin feeling extra smooth, I use it as a last part of my night-time skin care. I only use a tiny little amount that is enough for my entire face. I think that this gel has helped my skin get over the winter blues that I have been experiencing lately (Spring where are u!!??) The scent is very similar to the one in the foundation and is just lovely.


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