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Kiwi & Pineapple Water for Healthy Skin

juice kiwi pineapple

Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more fruit and veggies into my diet, eliminate processed foods as much as I could and observe effects those changes may have on my skin. I am also drinking a lot more water, which can get dull sometimes, so I decided to try something else. So simple and it truly tastes heavenly.

You will need:

-two kiwis, peeled

-few pieces of fresh cut pineapple ( about two rings)

-filtered water


-agave nectar (optional)

– blender

 kiwis kiwi and pineapple

First thing that I do is to blend my fruit together; I blend until a smooth “paste” forms. I use my tiny hand blender, I find it much convenient than the regular blender, it’s super quick to clean and easy to use.

kiwi mush

Then all I do is add in my filtered/bottled water to the fruit paste and ice, mixing everything together until it’s well combined.

water pineapple kiwi and agave/p>

Sometimes I also use about two spoons of organic blue agave nectar, to add a little sweetness. I always store it in the fridge and drink it cold, it tastes a lot better when it’s chilled. It’s a delicious way to stay hydrated, especially during hot summer days.

organic blue agave

blue agave

And why is kiwifruit and pineapple so good for the skin?

Other than containing more vitamin C than pretty much any other fruit, Kiwifruit contains lots of antioxidants and dietary fiber as well as vitamin E, which all play a role in slowing the aging process of the skin.

Pineapple has also lots of benefits as it contains vitamin C (once again), enzymes, calcium and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. When I was younger I used to absolutely hate the taste of pineapple, when it was added to cakes or cookies, or salads, I couldn’t even look at it. As it turns out, the pineapple that I was used to, usually came from a can, it was saggy and just gross. Once I tried a fresh pineapple without all that extra sugar, I loved it so much; it’s now my favorite fruit!

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