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I’ve always been fascinated by the way that certain scents can bring up memories or instantly change your mood. Take coconut, for example. Every time I experience that real scent of coconut (not the overly sweet and artificial one) I can’t help but think of the Sun and warm summer days. We just had our first snowstorm of the season, and there’s nothing about this weather that can lift my mood. During these colder and darker months of the year, you kind of do have to put in a little extra effort to lift your spirit, don’t you?

One of my favorite products in this month’s Lovin’ Lately is Gourmand’s Hair + Body Mist in Lait De Coco. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a fragrance snob and love splurging on those high-quality, pretty bottles of perfume. When I think of a fragrance mist, I think of something that comes in a plastic bottle, has an artificial scent that fades within minutes. This Gourmand Hair + Body Mist is different. I love everything from the beautiful glass bottle, to a subtle yet long-lasting fresh scent. The price ($24) is also pretty great. Unlike a lot of hair + body mists, it isn’t drying and has a soft, silky formula. These are exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Speaking of mists, when it comes to skincare, they’re actually among my favorite products. I have so many that I love (you can read about some of them here). I’ve been reaching for Belief’s Aqua Bomb Mist* for a while now and we’ve been getting along pretty well. It’s a very fine mist (which I love) that’s refreshing and works nicely with my sensitive skin. I do have to say that I was surprised to see denatured alcohol so high up on the ingredient list in a product that is supposed to be moisturizing, though.

You’ve already seen me talk about MŪN’s Akwi Cleanser countless times, but it’s just that good. It’s a great cold-weather cleanser and it gives the most luxurious, calming face-cleansing experiences. Akwi has a creamy oil formula that is great for double-cleansing. Whenever my skin feels a bit unbalanced or dry, this cleanser always brings it back to life.

CosRx BHA Overnight Mask– formulated with 0.9% BHA and great for sensitive skin. Every so often I take a break from using tretinoin creams, but I still like to reach for something that will keep my pores clear and help with occasional hormonal breakouts. This isn’t a miracle worker for anyone who has a stubborn, acne-prone skin, but it does help keep those small, occasional breakouts at bay. I really like how soft and smooth my skin feels the next day when using this.

Moisture Renewal Oil Booster from Paula’s Choice is probably one of my favorite skincare boosters from their collection. It’s formulated with some of my favorite oils (like Jojoba and Argan) and feels incredibly lightweight on the skin. I love using it under my moisturizer when my skin is feeling very dry, and it works really well under eyes, too.

Even though it has its issues (like difficulty finding a match + oxidization that I talked about here) I’m really enjoying the Pro Filt’r foundation. It has really beautiful coverage with a lightweight formula and a soft-matte finish. The staying power is pretty impressive too, although the formula is probably not the best for very dry skin types.

This is it for this month. What are some products that you’re loving right now?


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