Maybelline Color Elixir Liquid Color Balm

maybelline color elixir by color sensational review

I have a whole bunch of Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks and I use them all the time so I was excited when I saw a new product from the line: Color Elixir by Color Sensational lip-gloss/lip-balm. The product was released this winter, comes in twenty different shades and costs around $6.99.I intended of buying a few of these, but when I got to Target, very little was left of the display of these lip-glosses.  Most of the products that were left were opened :|. I really wish that girls would stop opening a bunch of products that they don’t intend to buy, just so they can swatch them. Oh well, I also wish there was peace on Earth.

I ended up getting two shades: Blush Essence and Raspberry Rhapsody (I grabbed last one of each, and they were unopened-what a score! Please do note the sarcasm..). Here’s what Maybelline says about their product “Hyper-saturated color, ultra cushiony feel: A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm and the glass shine of a gloss. Our exclusive smoothing angora brush delivers a polished, even application and smoothing sensation to lips.”

I can easily say that the Blush Essence gloss is a heaven sent for me. My lips are too dry at the moment to use lipstick (I froze my face off when I went snowboarding on Tuesday), that’s when this gloss comes in handy. It’s great for everyday use, last quite a while and it provides me with a little bit of color while making my lips feel soft, comfortable and moisturized. I’m guessing that’s the lip-balm part of the product doing its magic. Here’s what it looks like:

blush essence maybelline elixir

Maybelline color elixir blush essence swatch on lips

Raspberry Rhapsody looked so freakishly beautiful on a magazine ad that I saw, I couldn’t wait to see what it looks like on me. Well, it doesn’t look as pigmented as I hoped for, but in all fairness the model had a much deeper skin tone than me, so her lips had a deeper pigment, and the color looked more rich.

raspberry rhapsody color elixir


The packaging of these is also super cute and simple: chubby little tube with a very soft applicator. I really like these little balms,  hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a few more shades in the near future.


  • You are so stunningly pretty Paula, absolutely love the lip colours; especially the last one! Think it contrasts with your eyes very well :D And Raspberry Rhapsody, what a fab name <3

    I definitely feel you on the swatch thing, in my local beauty store all the lipsticks are such a mess because of misuse (all the best ones too!) And I can relate on the dry lips also, mine get ever so dry and it's massively frustrating so it's wonderful to know these products are nourishing!

    Sophie xox

    • Aww, thanks Sophie, you’re so sweet!! <3 I know, I love that name too!

      I'd really love if drugstores provided samples. It's always the best ones that are messed up haha :D

      My skin is horribly dry right now, even my eyelids are dry, I have put Vaseline on them, just so they don't itch.

  • They both look amazing on you! Blush Essence looks especially good, though!
    I hope you had a lovely snowboarding trip!

  • woooo nice color! i’d love to try soon!

  • These look so pretty on you :) I love the Raspberry rhapsody color, great pop of color but not too intense.

    • Thanks so much Christel:)

  • Raspberry rhapsody is so hot!! Love it, I’d like to get it! :) would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin’? If you want, let me know on my blog and I’ll follow back immediately! :) have a great day dear,
    Red Velvet

  • Both colors look so pretty on you! I also like the packaging of it, it’s so cute :)

    • Thank you, I love the packaging too, it’s adorable :)

  • These look great! I love the colour of Raspberry Rhapsody, it’s gorgeous :) xx

  • My favorite is Blush Essence on you; I think it works better with your skin tone while adding color to your complexion! You work both though so don’t get me wrong! (:
    ~Makaela at