A few new things..

Zara haul

Zara & Asos. Both are my favorite places to shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Whenever I need some retail therapy, those are my go-to stores. Few weeks ago, I stopped by Zara in hopes of finding a winter coat (one that I’d actually like). I was lucky enough to get one at a great price (50% off), and just as I was standing in line waiting to pay for it, I noticed this super cute indigo viscose shirt.


Of course, I ended up buying it :D Shirts in this style are my favorite. Very lightweight, with a sexy, loose fit, revealing a little shoulder skin. I wore this shirt a few times and liked it so much, that I ordered the same one, but in gray color.


For the longest time ever, I only wore black. I think my mom is to blame for that-she’s the same way, she looooves wearing black. Well, my husband wasn’t really a fan and always tried to get me to dress more like a normal person and less like a sad and depressed one. Not that he tells me what to wear, I wouldn’t listen anyway ;) But I did notice that my wardrobe was a little gloomy-looking ( I can’t help it, black goes great with everything), so for years I’ve been trying to incorporate more color to it. Slowly, but surely ;)

These two colorful sweaters are definitely different from what I usually wear, but they looked so adorable and stylish I had to get them. Plus they were only $16.99! I got one in super bright yellow and light, powder-y pink (VERY unusual for me, I never wear pink).

Zara basic long sweater

Zara basic long sweater pink

Zara basic long sweater pink and yellow

Looks like the next two shirts are black. Whoops.

River Island Metal Trim Swing Cami

I got this River Island Metal Trim Swing Cami* at asos.com. I love the metal trim around the neckline. I think this will be great for the summer, but also looks very stylish with a nice blazer and skinny jeans.

*I actually just found out that River Island has a US website. How exciting? There are two pieces similar to the Metal Trim Cami right here and here.

River Island Metal Trim Swing Cami asos

This Longline Woven Cami Top is another asos find. I actually own two of these. I ordered one a while ago, and liked it so much that I needed to get another one, just in case the one I have gets ruined. Anyone else does this too? Well, in my defense I am a very accident-prone person (which you’d probably know by now), so if I happen to spill something on it, I have another one :D

ASOS Longline Woven Cami Top

Not that you can see it very good, but I wore this top when I went out a few weeks ago. My leggings are by asos as well. Duh.

ASOS Longline Woven Cami Top 2

Basic Top with Long Sleeves and V Neck. Great for layering.

ASOS Top with Long Sleeves and V Neck

I’m not too much of hair-accessory person, but this Grecian Hairband was too pretty for me to pass.

asos head band

I also finally found a perfect red, plaid shirt at Abercrombie & Fitch, AND it was only $25.00.  I used to really like shopping there as well, but I noticed that their clothes keep getting smaller and smaller. I got this shirt in Large, just because I love the loose and comfy fit.

red plaid shirt a&f

What are some of your favorite places to shop??

  • I love Zara but I find ASOS’ quality to be kind of off-and-on… but River Island is usually good! Also that collar thing is gorgeous.

    belle + compass

    • Really? I’ve never been disappointed by Asos yet :) Zara’s AMAZING :D

  • Federica Di Nardo

    Nice sweaters :)

    The Cutielicious

  • Great picks! Can’t wait to see them on you! You’re so pretty!


  • Such a wonderful post Paula & I love your amazing choices; the River Island swing cami is so pretty, especially with the metal touch and I adore the beautiful pink sweater and checked shirt <3

    I'm definitely guilty of wearing black too much, I've added pops of colour more now but sometimes I open my wardrobe and seas of grey, black and blue just swarm over me ;)

    I love to shop in Zara, especially for the sparkly flats they do. Usually in my local stores they have the shoes underneath the clothing displays so you find me in Zara with my eyes down, ignoring the elegant tables and just wanting shoes :D

    Sophie xox

    • I can’t wait to wear that cami, it’s so cute.
      I knew I wasn’t the only one who loves to dress in darker colors haha :)
      I have tons of Zara shoes, especially sandals. I have this one nude pair with Swarovski crystals on them ughh to die for! Sometimes I think that they’re too pretty to wear!

  • Tanya

    I like how you wore the basic black top and you have also brought some lovely items!