Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation review

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation

After being incredibly disappointed by Maybelline’s original Fit Me Foundation, I was very, very surprised to find just how much I loved its new, Matte + Poreless version.

The original Fit Me foundation by Maybelline was called, by many, “the worst foundation, ever”, but there were also quite a lot of people who loved it. I myself loved the way it looked on my skin. For the first 30 minutes. After that it became an oily, greasy, literally-melting-off-my-face mess. And that’s with primers, powders and setting sprays included. As soon as I noticed that Maybelline released a Matte+Poreless version of Fit Me foundation, I wanted to get my hands on it.

I love the idea of a foundation that “goes beyond the skin matching” and finds the ultimate, natural skin fit. This is where the only problem that I have with this foundation comes in. I cannot find a shade that fits my skin tone (this is actually a very, very common thing for me though, it’s nearly impossible for me to find something that matches me perfectly). I have three shades of Maybelline Fit Me Mate Poreless Foundation: 110 (Porcelain) 115 (Ivory) and 120 (Classic Ivory) (this foundation comes in 12 different shades). Classic Ivory is way too deep for me and I will probably give it to my sister since she’s darker than me; Porcelain is too light and Ivory had peachy-pink undertones that just did not look good on me


When I mixed 110 and 115 I got an ideal match and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last several days. What’s really unusual about the lightest shade in this collection (110) is that instead of having pink undertones (which is usually the case for lightest shades), it has yellow ones. I think that this is definitely something that a lot of us can appreciate.

Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation review


Now about the formula of this: love, love, LOVE. It has a natural-matte finish that minimizes the appearance of pores, really creating a nice, flawless looking finish. I think that this is a light to medium coverage foundation, although you can definitely build it up, due to the fact that it has such a flat, matte finish, layering the product can make it appear a bit cakey.


I find that the best way to apply this is with a moist beauty blender, because of how quickly the formula dries. For the first couple of days, I’ve used this foundation without primer and without powder. I was surprised when I looked in the mirror after 5 hours, seeing that my skin still looked shine-free.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation swatches

From left to right, 110, 112, 115 and 120

Now, if despite having oily skin you have some occasional dry patches, try to do a really good job moisturizing your skin prior to application, because you can find that this foundation accentuates these problem areas. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation does not contain SPF which I think is quite alright since I wear SPF under my foundation anyway. The other thing that I wish this foundation would have is a pump, but this is a never-ending problem with lots of foundations. Thankfully, most of them fit pumps that can be bought separately.

I have to say that I am very impressed with this foundation. Definitely a heaven-sent for us oily girls. Have any of you guys tried Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation?

  • I saw this the other day and thought I’d skip it but now I think I need to give it a try. Great review :)

  • I’ve never tried them, but now your review has left me curious about it. I would love to know how it looks on my skin! :)

    Fabi |

    • It’s pretty awesome, especially if your skin is on the oily side.

  • Oh, this foundation sounds really good, though it’s Maybelline. Just wondering if it’s going to be available in Austria anytime soon? If you know please let me know, I’d really appreciate it. ♥

    • I know, I was surprised since I’m not a fan of their foundations. Ahh I have no idea Love, sorry!

  • mel

    Great review! Makes me want to go buy it now

  • stylebyavery

    Great review, thanks for sharing!

    Style by Avery

  • I have the original fit me and I like it, I don’t love it because I have got the wrong shade as I’m more of a yellow toned girl. I will buy the original in some other yellow toned shade whereas I won’t buy this new one because I have a dry/normal skin. Great review and blog.

    • Oh I can imagine that having dry skin you would really like the original formula:) Definitely stay away from this one because it doesn’t work great with dry skin! Thanks so much! ;)

  • Love the sound of this, the new formula sounds so much better!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • I’ve been interested in trying this but I don’t wear foundation everyday so haven’t convinced myself to buy it yet haha. I also hated the original fit me. It was the first foundation I ever bought and after a short period of time looked awful, as you mentioned. Like it was extremely obvious I had foundation all over my face- not cute! This formula sounds much better though. Have you tried the powder? I actually liked the original fit me powder.

    • Ugh the original Fit Me was horrible! I haven’t tried powders from this line but a lot of people seem to like them, I might give it a try.

  • I found this a total nightmare to blend, but then I do have awfully dry skin. Glad its a good option for oily skin though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Well it is made for normal to oily skin…. I found it difficult to blend with a brush that’s why I mentioned that a moist beauty blender works best. There is a “dewy” version of this targeted for dry skin, that might be a better fit for you ;).

  • I’ve been seeing in the stores and I’ve really wanted to get my hands on it but haven’t yet. I just might have to…

  • What a good review, I haven’t tried this one yet but it does sounds like a good foundation to own :)


  • Great review! Personally the only Maybelline foundation that has worked well for me is the Mineral Powder Foundation. I’ve found that the others, even the ones geared to those with oily skin, never last too long. This one, however, looks promissing.

    Bella Kulture

    • I know, I’m not a huge fan of their foundations that’s why I was surprised at how much I liked this.

  • It looks amazing! I hope it’s available in Austria. :D x

  • I’ver never tried them. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it looks amazing (:

    Nati xx

  • I have seen this in a couple Youtube tutorials and it looks goood! Definitely one I want to try :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | Bella & Bear Pro Makeup Brush Set Giveaway

  • Maybelline also has a shade in 112 called Natural Ivory, that is between Porcelain (110) and Ivory (115), maybe it will be similar to the two shades mixed together? Then it would save you the trouble of having to mix them :)

    • I probably should have mentioned this in the post, but I tried that shade as well and it also didn’t work for me, hehe :) I ended up with 115 because it’s very close to my spring/summer color ;).

    • Sandra G. DiVenanzo

      Yes 112 is the Nuetral shade that was originally missing and is the shade that matches me. 110 was too yellow and 115 was too pink and too dark for me.

  • Rima

    would you show us a swatch of 110 and 115 mixed together please? i just bought the 115 and it’s too pink on my skin and doesnt match my neck and chest. Idk whether to buy the 110 and mix it like you did or get one that has more of a yellow undertone.
    Thank you :)

  • Kathryn Haley

    I’ve been searching for the perfect drug store foundation – and I’ve been really pleased with the FitME matte + poreless! It usually holds up pretty well for about 10 hours before I feel like I’m oily (except my nose will get oily after about 3, and I powder it). I also have to mix 110 and 115 for a better match.

    • Sandra G. DiVenanzo

      Have you tried 112? Not sure if it’s a new shade but it’s that perfect shade for me between 110 and 115. :)

  • fit me matte & poreless is amazing! i actually like it better than the revlon colorstay since the revlon one is a lot heavier (even the one dedicated for normal/dry skin). i’ve been using the fit me in 125 nude beige but i think it’s a littl bit off once i’ve applied to my whole face (i have neutral undertone, light skintone). i think the 120 one might have worked better lol

  • Braga

    I wish they did a shade or two lighter than porcelain. Both versions of this foundation in porcelain are waaaaaaaay too dark for me :(

    • Giuliana Pham

      Hey! There is a white foundation lightener from the LA Girl Pro Coverage foundation line. I think this would help you! Its very affordable too, but you probably will have to order online or something bc Walmart is always out of stock on makeup stuff.

  • Sandra G. DiVenanzo

    My shade is 112. Did they not have it when you tried this? 110 is too yellow, 115 is too pink and dark for me 112 is neutral and perfect almost a close match to you’re mixing. Maybe give 112 a try if you can find it?

  • Sandra G. DiVenanzo

    Also, does anyone know why it’s in the glass bottle but other people have managed to get it in a squeeze tube??? Where are they getting the squeeze tube? I’d MUCH rather have a tube than a bottle with no pump

    • callista charleton

      i believe the tube version is ones sold outside of US and Canada? but their shades are completely different in terms of the numbers they align with.

  • Aaina Rathore

    I’m fair skinned and my color is bit on the yellow side, please suggest me which shade of fit me foundation should I go for?