Sally Hansen 18k Gold Cuticle Eraser

Sally Hansen 18k gold cuticle eraserSally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

I’m a bit crazy when it comes to my cuticles. I can’t stand it when they’re dry and look less than perfect. For years I’ve been using the same exact products to care for them and finally felt the need to switch up my routine a bit.

I picked up this 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser by Sally Hansen from Ulta ($7.99) few weeks a go. I really liked the idea of this being a multitasking product. In addition to the product, it also features an applicator that has a built-in cuticle pusher.

Sally Hansen 18k gold cuticle eraser reviewWhat I found very surprising about the formula of this product is that it’s very much scrub-like, which is something that I’ve not experienced before with cuticle erasers. The 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser contains quartz granules that buff and exfoliate the cuticles. In order to apply the product you simply need to remove the gold cap, squeeze the gel onto your cuticles, leave it on for a minute and use the applicator to push away the cuticles. The applicator was soft, but tough enough to get the job done. After pushing the cuticles away, I washed my hands thoroughly (the formula is a bit sticky) and applied a generous amount of Vitamin E oil.

If your cuticles get extremely dry, you will love this eraser. It’s really like a mini scrub for your cuticles; it removes all that dead skin leaving the nails and skin around them very smooth. I did not find this to be moisturizing at all, but that’s where my oils come in (I use anything from Argan, Vitamin E to olive oil on them). If your cuticles are sensitive or you have any open cuts on them (like… from biting them… which is a big no-no! ;) ) this would probably not be a good product for you as its texture might irritate your skin even further. I think that this is definitely a nice and unique product, I think that my oils absorb much better after using this, the moisture really gets trapped in and stays in, which in turn makes my cuticles look a lot better. I did not, however, find this to be nourishing or moisturizing, but I don’t think that any of cuticle-erasing products that I’ve used in the past were (or were meant to be) moisturizing. This is a fairly new product, have you guys seen it in the stores yet?

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