Nail Care


After a long period of wearing acrylic nails in High School,I finally gave up on them and opted out for a “natural” look. Sally Hansen has one of the best drugstore nail care products. Some of my favorites include Nail Shine Miracle, which I use as a Top Coat, Miracle nail thickener and nailgrowth miracle treatment. Last two I like to use especially during winter time, when, for some strange reason my nails just keep breaking (during summer my nails are a lot stronger and do not break as easily). I also do not like to cut my cuticles, unless really necessary, I usually just push them away. I use my Argan Oil every night and rub it into my cuticles, to maintain them. Sally Hansen’s cuticle cream is also great to use when cuticles need “special treatment”.

 IMG_6057 IMG_6056

During winter time my hands get EXTREMELY dry (for some reason I can never get used to wearing gloves). Aveeno’s intense moisture skin relief hand cream is really thick and good as a “night” treatment. Miracle Hand Repair, on the other hand, I use throughout the day and it really brings relief to my skin (I put it on after I wash the dishes, take a shower, wash my hands, etc).


One of my favorite nail polishes as of lately is Dior Vernise Nude Charnelle. At $23.00 it’s a little pricey, but it’s a perfect nude and applies really well.

Closer picture from my Instagram:)IMG_20130110_143204