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outlast stay fabulous

Few days a go I picked up a new Covergirl foundation, Outlast Stay Fabulous, 3in1. This foundation is supposed to substitute a primer, concealer and provide coverage of a foundation with a shine-free finish and broad spectrum SPF 20. This was actually a very first Covergirl foundation that I bought (as I already mentioned I love love love Covergirl’s mascaras, but for some reason never used any of the brand’s foundation products). I was actually very pleased with this foundation and I think it will become one of my drugstore’s favorites. IMG_6404

Although I never skip the moisturizer before application of any foundation, I did not use any primers with Outlast Stay Fabulous, but still found the application to be nice and smooth. I would say that the coverage is definitely buildable with very easy blending. I think one of my favorite aspects was the fact that my oily skin stayed matte all day long, I was actually quite surprised at this. I also love the pump, which makes the application much easier (the pump can also be locked in place); also only two pumps gave me a nice, full coverage.  The only downfall that I experienced was the fact that the shade I picked (Classic ivory) was a tiny bit too dark for me, whereas the next shade down was too light; I might end up getting the lighter one so I can mix both.

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