NOTD: Essie – “Carry on”

essie carry on swatchOne of my favorite nail polish colors for Autumn and Winter has got to be Essie’s “Carry on”. Although I love dark colored nails all year long, I think we all know that they are especially popular during those colder and cozier months of the year.

“Carry on” is a deep brown-burgundy color that changes its tones depending on the light source. In direct sunlight, it tends to look more red, whereas in regular daylight it looks like a dark brown color, almost black.

essie carry onAs with all Essie nail polishes, this one is very long lasting (7 days for me, with both base and top coat+ daily house work, including dish-washing;) ) and it doesn’t chip at all. Great thing about this color, is that it goes with absolutely everything, it’s just a classic.

carry on color on nailsPerfect color for “sweater weather” :)

What is your favorite nail polish color for Autumn/Winter?

Paula xxx

  • Sara

    Gorgeous❤️ Perfect for fall! My favorite right now is Essie’s ‘Thigh High’, a deep ruby red. I’m wearing it on my nails today :)

    • :) I almost bought “Thigh High” the other day, but then decided to get “Sable Collar”.

      • Sara

        “Sable Collar” looks so pretty ♥ It’s from the new Winter Collection, right? Too bad, that it takes so long till this color will be available in Germany :(

        • Yes, it’s from the new Winter Collection. I didn’t know you were from Germany :) I’m originally from Poland so we’re sort of neighbors :)

  • Sara

    :D haha, that’s cool! Do you speak polish?

    • Oh yeah! I only moved to the States when I was 14:)

  • I am in love with this shade!
    Btw I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :)

    • Thank you!! <3 <3

  • I like the dark color. It reminds me of black but at the same time, it has something nice to it.

    • I know right? It’s cool how it changes color depending on the light :) xxx

  • Wow wow wow! Love this shade, so timeless and beautiful for Winter.

    I love dark shades for a/w too, black, purple, burgundy and metallic ones.

    Sophie xo soinspo

    • Me too! It’s a nice alternative to just plain black. Love purple and burgundy tones:)

  • I was just looking through some autumn/ winter colours on nail polishes when I was shopping earlier today…I didn’t buy any yet though…But that one looks very nice!

    x Marjaana

  • I agree. I really like the color as well. It compliments your nails.