One single supplement I cannot live without.

perricone md fish oil

The Omega 3 Supplement by Dr. Perricone is the sole reason for which I will never be able to fully go vegan. This fish oil has not only changed my skin and hair but also my life. No, I’m not exaggerating.

I originally decided to try Dr. Perricone’s Omega3 Supplement when I started losing my hair. About four years ago, my hair started falling out at an alarming rate, I literally felt like I was going bald. I tried countless pills, vitamins, shakes but nothing helped. Until I came across Dr. Perricone’s Omega3 Supplement on Sephora’s website. I read the reviews, and they all seemed to make this product sound like it was too good to be true, but I still decided to give it a try. After about a week or so of taking this supplement (three pills a day with each meal) I already noticed a difference, but it wasn’t my hair that got better, it was my skin. I truly believe that taking this fish oil supplement is the only thing that helped me get rid of cystic acne. All those painful bumps on my chin and jaw that took forever to disappear, suddenly just went away. I still had “regular” acne on my face, but it was those deep cysts that bothered me the most and I couldn’t believe they actually started to disappear.

“Shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. Improves cardiovascular and metabolic health. Free of wheat, soy, synthetic colors, synthetic flavors, dyes and sugar substitutes. Hydrates dry skin from the inside out.”



Few weeks after continued use of these, my hair stopped falling out. It got stronger, longer and shinier. If all that wasn’t good enough, I actually noticed that this supplement makes me happy. Literally. It’s actually described as “a dietary supplement that helps elevate mood, regulate weight and support cardiovascular health”. I have a tendency to get into depressive moods and get anxious very easily, and these Omega3’s have really helped me to put that under control. Whenever I run out of these is when I truly notice the difference. Another great thing about these is that they also help with PMS, both the pain and the mood swings. They also don’t’ have a “fishy” aftertaste, as some other fish oil supplements tend to do.

I already wrote about this supplement in 2012 (right here) and 2013 (right here) but I really felt that it deserved a separate post just because I love it so much! My only concern is that this will be discontinued one day. It’s also quite pricey a 30-day supply costs about $40.00 (90 softgels), but I usually get a 90-day supply (270 softgels) for about $100.00 and sometimes get some coupons and manage to save a few bucks. I’ve been taking the Omega3 Supplement by Dr. Perricone everyday for four years and I doubt that I’ll find anything that works better than this!

Paula xx