Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani baked blushes

Baked blushes by Milani Cosmetics are definitely amongst my favorites and I think that they’re some of the best drugstore blushes that you can find. I’m talking smooth and creamy texture, cute packaging, beautiful sheen and a great color payoff. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ($8.49) is newest addition to my collection.

Milani baked blush in luminoso

Luminoso is the most-hyped about shade from the Baked Blush collection by Milani and it always happens to be sold out (don’t you just love when that happens? ;) ). It’s a gorgeous, soft, flushed, peachy-toned pink with beautiful hints of shimmer, without being over-the-top. Luminoso has such a unique shade that I believe is suitable for pretty much every single skin tone. I have quite a few, deep acne scars on my cheeks and I usually have to be careful with blushes and bronzers, as they can easily enhance those flaws on my light skin and make it look red and blotchy. With Luminoso, I get a beautiful, build-able color and subtle sheen without bringing too much attention to my scars. I just love the way it looks on my fair skin tone, it truly adds a beautiful and healthy glow.

milani baked blush

Luminoso goes on so evenly and smooth, it literally just glides on the skin, what’s not to love here? One thing that I’m probably not a fan of, is the brush that comes with the blush, I think it’s pretty much useless and a bit of waste, but the cute little mirror in the compact is definitely a plus. I noticed that a lot of people say Luminoso is a great dupe for Nars’s Orgasm blush, but this is not the case, they’re completely different. The dupe for Nars’s Orgasm was “Luminous” blush by Milani, which I believe is now discontinued, so don’t get these two confused.

luminoso blush swatch

Luminoso blush is quickly becoming my favorite and a staple in my every day makeup routine.

milani luminoso blush swatch

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  • Wow. What a beautiful blush!! I love blush soooo much! Lately I’ve been loving a dramatic cheek. I’ve been putting on loads of blush, and I absolutely love it! This color is beautiful.
    I always think the brushes that come with blush are pretty useless. I would rather blush not come with a brush because it feels like a waste really, but maybe some people like it.
    Great review!

    Christina <3

    • Aww thanks so much Christina!! I do love this color as well, it’s so subtle and pretty ;) Ugh I know, this is such a waste, I honestly doubt that anyone uses those brushes haha ;)

  • So pretty! Seem like total go-to shades for everyday. I love it when products are so easy to apply and look amazing on! Yes, it’s true that generally the brushes with the blushes are never used!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    • It definitely is great for everyday! Thanks Puja!

  • These look beautiful! I’m never totally sure about baked blushes, I find them a bit chalky compared to others but I need to give the Milani ones a go :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte |
    Palette Giveaway

    • Oh these aren’t chalky at all! Smooth and creamy ;D

  • Blown away once again by your beautiful photography Paula! Beyond impressive and far beyond exceptional… love, love, LOVE your first shot, just so enchanting and professional, would NOT look out of place in any glossy magazine! In fact glossy magazines need to be coming to you for advice! You should be so proud of yourself! Go girl ;) <3

    I can't believe these blush beauts are drugstore! How amazing is that? They are truly stunning, I love the marbled effect of the product, and the shimmer just looks immense. Luminoso is such a wondrous name, and the product itself is just captivating :) I love the peachy pink vibes, and can totally see why it's had such a heap of hype over it ;) I can just imagine it looks truly stunning on you beautiful! :D I love the swatch in the last photo, it proves how striking it looks with your skin-tone. How fantastic it's the type of blush that could work for all skin-tones, that's always such a massive bonus, especially for such a gem like this! Such a shame the brush isn't overly good, I really wish they would invent something a bit more appealing because every brush I've had with blushers just seems a bit of an afterthought and they never seem to work that well on the skin. Do absolutely love everything else about this beauty, the packaging and the mirror is so, so adorable! <3

    Sophie xo

    • Oh wow thank you so much Sophie! I’ve definitely came a long way in the photography department haha. The other day I looked at my photos from 2012 and they were so bad haha, it feels great to get better at something, especially when others notice ;) <3

      I'm so in love with that blush, honestly I've been using it every single day, just can't get enough! :) I think all of these brushes that come with products like this one are kinda sucky hehe. I never use them, but I have a huge collection of my own full-sized brushes so I can't complain, haha :) Thanks so much again Sophie!<3

  • That is such a gorgeous blush. I’ve heard of Milani before but I’ve never seen anywhere that sells their products here in the UK. After seeing how nice they look in your pictures though I may have to look if I can find anywhere that sells them online :) xx

    • Thanks so much Sadie, I hope you do find them!

  • I always love the perfect blush color to finish off a look!
    Great post!

    xx Cissy
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  • The colours are so pretty – gimme!

  • That blusher is gorgeous, it is just the sort of blusher I need, because i have a few acne scars on my cheeks too – I hate them, but it could be worse right? Like Christina, I never use a blusher brush, I find they just flick blusher everywhere except your face. I much prefer to blend with my fingers.

    I love all the colours, I wonder if I can find some in the UK, i love the shimmer and the multi-tonal effect, I can’t wait to see it on the lovely canvas that is your stunning face.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    • Oh it could definitely be worse, it always could haha. Mine are pretty deep though and I can’t use too much bronzer or blush because it just makes them look even worse. Hopefully I’ll be able to laser them away soon :).

      Thank you so much Gems!!

  • I love this blush and I hear so much about it. Just never get a chance to buy it.

    Chaste &