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Healthy oatmeal breakfast

What’s a better way to start off the day than with a tasty bowl of oatmeal (or breakfast cereal, or porridge, however you wish to call it :) ). I’m not talking about pre-cooked, packaged ready-to-eat oatmeal that’s usually full of sugar (sometimes even sodium- added as a preservative). I’m talking about made-from-the-scratch, rolled oats that can take just as quick to prepare as the instant kind and taste a lot better!…

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Chia Seeds

I first heard of Chia Seeds when I read a magazine interview with Miranda Kerr, where she said that Chia Seeds are a must-have super food in her diet. After that it was everyone from Dr. Oz to food documentaries (which I love to watch) that kept mentioning this amazing seed, you’d think it’s some sort of a miracle food. Because, naturally, I became intrigued, I bought a big bag of Chia Seeds and began to incorporate them into my…

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Easy pizza for one (or two)

Even though I love cooking with all my heart and love being in the kitchen, I don’t always have time or energy to cook just for myself. On those days when Mark gets home late from work and I have to have dinner alone, I usually make something quick that doesn’t require much time and/or effort. For some reason cooking for two is just much more fun  and rewarding :) One of my go-to meals on such days is home-made,…

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