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7 Ways to Make The Most of Every Day

How to make the most of your day

How do you make the most of every day? You make every day count. The secret to doing that lies in paying attention to the small things you do. It’s very easy to fall into those patterns where your brain just kind of shuts off. That’s usually what happens when you crowd your time with things like mindlessly browsing the internet or sitting in front of the TV. Over the last two years or so I felt almost as if…

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Lifestyle self-growth

5 Things to focus on when you’ve lost your motivation

you've lost your motivation

5 Things to focus on when you’ve lost your motivation Here’s the thing about motivation: the only person that can help you find it when you’ve lost it, is you. It’s nice if you can have someone give you a little pep talk, but it doesn’t always work. I’m actually known for giving pep talks and love pointing out all the amazing things the person I talk to have accomplished, to arouse their enthusiasm. I feed off that energy of rising enthusiasm…

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How to overcome digital distractions

Digital technology is meant to make our lives easier, to make everything better. It’s supposed to save us time, yet we somehow waste more time than ever by getting lost in digital distractions and everything that technology has to offer. Right now, my phone is in Airplane mode, yet I find myself automatically reach for it every couple of minutes. I know that none of my notifications will pop up, but I can’t help it. I’m often not aware of just how…

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How to stop procrastinating, right now

How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now

Tomorrow- a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored. So, it goes something like this; you know you need to get something important done, but you don’t do it right away. You first check your email, then your Instagram feed, next thing you know it’s two hours later and you find yourself watching cat videos on YouTube.  Meh, I’ll just do it tomorrow. Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Procrastination is all about…

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