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7 Self-Care Rituals for Stressful Days

7 Self-Care Rituals for Stressful Days

As your life becomes more stressful and busy, decompressing, de-stressing and relaxing can also become a bit more challenging. When dealing with that kind of stress, taking a nap isn’t always enough. To me, at least, relaxing that actually…

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10 Ways to Unwind After a Bad Day

Wouldn’t it be amazing if keeping your vibes high and positive was always easy? The truth is, sometimes even something really small can ruin your day. Like someone else making a stupid comment, something not going the way you…

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How to Find More Calm in Life

How often do you allow things, situations or people “get” to you? I had one of the most frustrating phonecalls a few days ago and ALMOST allowed it to ruin my entire day. You know, in the recent months,…

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How to Protect Your Energy

“I feel like I’m an emotional sponge.” My friend just finished telling me about how her daily lunch break at work has turned into her being forced to listen to hour-long rants from one of her co-workers who is…