The Roundup

How to get the most out of your DSLR

Lately, I’ve been embracing “slow blogging”- although not necessarily by choice- I have to admit that I love the idea. I think that I actually wrote some of my favorite posts over the last couple of weeks. Not having to stress about writing every day, meant that I was able to create the kind of content I really wanted and give it 100%. I talked a little about why I haven’t been around much and everything else that’s going on in the When Life Gives You Lemons post (which was actually published in June). While I only published about two handfuls of posts, I was still getting a lot of “blog work” done- mainly working on updating my old posts, something we discussed in Blog tips: How to Increase Traffic by Updating Old Blog Posts.

I kind of had to work extra hard on keeping up my spirits, as every single day after my accident I had to deal with a new obstacle and at one point I just sat on my living room floor, surrounded by countless papers, business cards, letters and messages, and started to cry. Honestly, even simple things like setting up a rental car can be a pain in the ass, when you’re dealing with someone else’s insurance. Add having to deal with an injury on top of that, and it can put a lot of stress on you. The first thing I thought was “why is this happening to me?” The second thing that crossed my mind, was “take it one step at a time.” And ever since I took that attitude, I felt like I was regaining control. One step at a time- this is the only thing you can do when feeling overwhelmed with pretty much anything. And so, as I was working on keeping my attitude positive, I also wrote about 15 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit and talked about some things that help me get a little softer and add more fun and life to my day.

nighttime anxiety

Nighttime Anxiety: What to Do When Your Anxious Mind Won’t Let You Sleep– I really loved writing this piece, as bedtime anxiety is something I’ve been struggling with a lot this year, and I loved sharing a few things, products, and rituals that helped me with my anxiety.  Even though I don’t think that self-care is a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, I still think that everyone should have a little Self-Care Kit; a box of things that comfort you, pick up up a little, help you relax and pamper not just your skin, but also your soul. Most recently, we also talked about some mental habits; like focusing on things you don’t want, or caring what other people think- that steal your happiness in this post.

I also talked about some of my summer beauty essentials, using affirmations to boost confidence and, like every month, I talked about a bunch of products that currently sit in my makeup bag.

I hope your August is off to a great start- I rarely ever say this, but July did seem to just fly by, so I’m hoping that August will drag its feet a little. :)