Veggie wrap with avocado-lime & cilantro sauce

Veggie wrap with avocado sauce

You guys know how crazy I am about my veggies. I constantly look for new ways, recipes and dishes containing all that green and fresh goodness. Today, I have yet another delicious and healthy lunch idea for you: veggie wrap with avocado, lime and cilantro sauce.

veggie wrap recipe

When it comes to cooking, I do a hell lot of “guesstimating”. When I was making the avocado sauce for this wrap, I pretty much “guesstimated” all the ingredients. One whole avocado, a handful of fresh cilantro, few juiced limes, salt, pepper and some red chili flakes. I blended everything together with an immersion blender, added a bit of water for a nice and creamy consistency, then decided to add some more cilantro and lime juice. Everyone’s taste buds are different, I, for example, like my food to have some kick to it (thus the chili flakes), but if you’re not a “spicy” person, you can skip the chili flakes and your sauce will still have a whole lot of flavor.

Avocado, lime and cilantro sauce

1 whole, ripe avocado
1/4 cup of water
2 small limes, juiced
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp of chili flakes

Blend all of the ingredients together in a food processor or with an immersion blender.

For the wraps, I used flour tortillas (my store was out of whole wheat tortillas, which is what I typically would go for, love the spinach ones as well!), butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped red onion, red & yellow bell pepper-chopped, chives, chopped cilantro, tomato and feta cheese.  I spread some of the avocado sauce on each tortilla, topped it with two leaves of butter and read leaf lettuce and finished off with veggies and feta cheese with more of the avocado sauce on top. Fold the wrap as you would fold a burrito.

veggie wrap

I like to use spicy humus as a dipping sauce for my wraps. To give it a lighter consistency, I just take some store-bought hummus and add a bit of water to it. Alternatively, you can use the left over avocado sauce for dipping (or better yet, make a double batch ;) ).

Veggie wraps

 How do you guys like to eat your veggies?

  • Looks so yummy! I wanna make these! I always try to come up with new ways to make quick, healthy dishes as well :)

    • Thanks so much Marjaana!

  • Liz@LamentingLizzie

    Whoah, hello! I will trying this asap. It looks amazing!

  • These look delicious, Paula! Definitely great to take to college! Thanks for the idea <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    • You’re so welcome Puja!! <3

  • Cinthya

    It looks amazing! I think I’m gonna have to try :-)

    Nice post!

    Cinthya |

  • Such lovely pictures!!

    Charlotte x

  • Another amazing recipe Paula my love! You are like a magician pulling recipes out of a (very) stylish hat!
    I always am so impressed and in awe of you and your wonderful knack of sourcing, finding, creating, making and shooting such gorgeous creations :) I love how the veggie wraps are presented so perfectly and tied into parcels. Such a nice touch that truly adds so much. Your avocado, lime and cilantro sauce sounds and looks incredible! I really like that once again, you’ve been so innovative and gone the extra mile. Feta cheese is so tasty and your spicy humus sounds gorgeous! :) Those spinach tortillas also sound divine! No wonder you love them ;) I really like spinach, I eat next to no meat these days, and probably don’t eat half as healthily as I should considering this, so spinach related foods are always great for me, anything that ups my iron intake is fine by me! ;) I love fried mushrooms and onions… rather unhealthy but I guess it’s still a way of getting veggies right? :P And peas with a garlicky or buttery consistency… that’s about as glamorous as my cooking gets.. frozen fishcakes and peas haha ;) One day I must get off my a$$ and do something else, or else I’ll turn into a frozen fishcake haha! :D ;) <3 <3

    Sophie xo

    • Aww thank you so very much Love!

      That string was a last minute idea, the wraps kept opening when I was trying to take these pictures haha. Thank God I had some leftover string from last year’s Thanksgiving (I usually use it to tie turkey’s legs hehe). I love feta cheese, don’t use it too often, but I love it. I tried using a fat-free one once and it was so gross haha. So flavorless blah, hehe :D

      Ohh you’d make the cutest little fishcake hahah :) I used to LIVE on frozen chicken nuggets in a spicy sauce, I’d eat it by bags, literally. It was so bad, but soooo damn good haha :D I’m not much of a meat eater myself, take iron supplements each morning and love spinach too! Whenever I slack on my iron intake, I just grow so tired and all I want to do is sleep :|. I love mushroom and onion combo too! It goes great with everything ;) ;* :*

  • Oh yum this looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to recreate it this weekend!!

    Sensibly Sharp// Instagram

    • Thank you Cynthia!

  • I must say Paula, those recipes of yours… yum! I’m always so uncreative when it comes to cooking. Your recipes inspire me to try something new, and I’m definitely going to try these wraps!

    Have a nice day, lovely!

    xx Carolin
    Olive Apple

    • Aww thanks so much Carolin, you’re so sweet!