What to blog about when you’re out of ideas.

blog post ideas

blog post ideas

I always keep this little notebook with me, and whenever an idea for a blog post crosses my mind, I make sure to write it down right away. There are those days though, when I sit down to write a post, look at my notes and see nothing but a blank page.

Whenever I feel stuck, I always try to think about a fun and unique topic to blog about. Rather than pushing out content just for the sake of publishing a post, I’d rather take a little break and put some effort into my post. Sort of a “quality over quantity” thing. If you ever feel stuck or don’t know what to blog about, try writing about these things:

What are you good at?

If you are completely out of ideas, try writing about something that you’re good at and share your tips with others. I find that the posts that provide a lot of quality, ones that your readers find helpful, are simply timeless. What this means is that they will stand the the test of time and will keep bringing you new readers on regular basis. Maybe you’re a great cook, an awesome writer, you’re good with computers, are obsessed with working out or you’re crazy good with makeup- whatever it is that you’re good at, share it with others. Your readers will really appreciate it and if they find your content very helpful, they’re more likely to share it with others.

What are you passionate about?

I’ve always liked photography, but it wasn’t until I started blogging that my passion for it really ignited. It also wasn’t until a few years a go that I really felt that I was getting good at it. I loved watching different tutorials, reading photography books and articles. Back in September  of last year my blog was about to turn 2 years old and I really wanted to celebrate it by writing some fun posts. That’s when I got the idea to write a few posts about photography. I decided to show my readers how far I’ve come, share a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. Because I was so passionate about that topic, it was extremely easy for me to write about it. Even though it’s been months since I’ve published it, my Photography Tips for Bloggers post is still the most popular post on this blog. It still brings me tons of traffic every day, I still get comments on it and occasionally I get emails from other bloggers thanking me for writing that post. Knowing that something that was so fun to work on was so helpful to others is a really awesome feeling.

Get personal.

Getting a little personal can really pay off, especially when you have no idea what to blog about. I think that being a little nosey is just a part of our human nature. I always enjoy reading personal posts, I feel that they always help me get to know the author better. Everything in the blogging world may seem so glamorous and perfect and it can be a bit tough trying to decide how much of yourself to share on your blog. Usually posts that give others a little glimpse into your life get high levels of engagement from your readers. In the girl-talk category, I’ve shared a few personal posts, such as my fears about getting older, struggles with confidence, or learning to live with a more positive attitude, etc.

Make a list

Another thing that pretty much everyone likes to read are lists. Write up a list of your favorite makeup, skincare products, books, or even blogs. Some of my most popular posts from the past couple of months include a list of my Favorite Setting Powders, a list of my favorite No-makeup Makeup Products and a list of my favorite Liquid Pen Eyeliners.

Check out your analytics

Your blog analytics can tell you a whole lot about your readers and their behavior. Take a look at your analytics and see what kind of posts seem to be most popular ones and which ones get the most visits. Maybe there are some categories on your blog that you’ve been neglecting?

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Ultimately, if you really feel stuck and can’t get yourself to write about anything interesting, take a break. Sometimes doing something entirely different from your usual routine can give you tons of ideas and inspiration.