Raw sea salt caramel bites

It’s time to take the guilt out of sweet cravings! Raise your hand if your healthy eating habits have been compromised before because you couldn’t stop thinking about that candy bar sitting somewhere in your kitchen pantry *raises hand*. I…

February Favorites

February was a short month and it flew by quickly, as it always does. This month I only had a few favorites, some of which I probably already talked about here on the blog.

5 healthy recipes you need to try

Guys… can you believe it’s March already? Yesterday I woke up to birds chirping by my window, and thought to myself “ahhh at last.. spring is just around the corner”. Then I looked outside only to see that it was…

Pretty things for your room

If there is one thing that I like to shop for more than makeup, it’s home decor. Funny thing is, I usually find the cutest things at stores where I wouldn’t typically shop for decor.