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Overcoming Digital Distractions

Digital technology was meant to make our lives easier, to make things better and improve our productivity. It’s supposed to save us time, yet we somehow waste more time than ever by getting lost in digital distractions and everything that…

The Roundup 2018 Thirteen Thoughts

The Roundup: 2018

2018 was a year of change. It was another year where I didn’t get to do or try too many things that I had hoped to do and try. Even though it wasn’t for a lack of effort, it…

How to Rock Your Goals in 2019
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How to rock your goals in 2019

How to Rock Your Goals in 2019 I can’t stand the word “resolutions.” When I hear “resolutions,” I think immediate failure and discouragement. I think of that one year when I promised myself I’d learn to play guitar, go…